Saturday, June 04, 2005

Good afternoon
we spent the day in the city outside the campus , the people were celebrating their national day about cow and farms ,..
we all sat on the side of the road, watching and cheering the festival moving through the street.
my colleagues were laughing and smiling, and one of them said : Faiza , don't be serious all the time, join the people and celebrate..
I smiled but have no answer...She is an American women, but I am Iraqi, coming from the zone of war and conflict , made by the government of this country.
how could I celebrate??
I was thinking all the time about what happened in Iraq , for people and children
and here I can see how people and children are happy?
I asked myself, could I love someday to join them to be one of them?
could I be selfish and love my country and my people and forget about others?
others who are the victims of my government?
others who suffered from poverty and violence and lack of justice and peace?
should I say : GOD BLESS MY HOMELAND ?
could I pay more and more money from my tax to my government to support their wars against poor nations?
could I tell my kids that all nations hated us because they are jealous of our freedom?
what a sick minded fathers and mothers !
look what you have done for others in Africa, or Asia ,or south America, or Iraq or Palestine..
and don't say we are innocent..Its long history, not new one.
you have no chance to give justifications any more..
you are a part of the operation if you didn't stop your government from doing all that bad actions.
how could you do that?
its your option to make the change.
its your time to stand and open your eyes to see the truth.
sooner or later, the change is coming.......

Good morning..
today is the weekend holiday, we will go out to see the city around the campus
and tomorrow will go to Boston and Harvard University..
yesterday we were talking about building a culture of forgiveness and peace between people in the postwar or post conflict societies..
from Bosnia we heard sad stories about their civil war..
and from Rwanda we heard horrible stories about violence and blood and victims..
and in both , they started to build a kind of new dialogue between people to make environment of peace in the country..
I told the participants that from my experience in Iraq, I saw Bremer , the American governor in Iraq after the war...
he created completely opposite environment in Iraq
he started the story of get out Ba`thest from power and jobs, he created the environment of hatred and violence between Iraqis..
the more I learn here, the more I see what they have done in Iraq, and what they are doing now....
there are many Iraqi parties came from outside Iraq after the war to implement the idea of revenge, I can see now how is the hatred between Sunni and Shie`ee, sending the country to the bottom of dark valley..
now everything is clear for me..
when I was in Iraq , I was asking myself, and most of Iraqis like me , asking the same question : what the hell is going on????
I can see now , and understand, and recognize, what is happening in Iraq..
and how could we go out of this closed circle?
First step : re-unit the Iraqi people
second step: get the monsters and devils out of Iraq, with their civilian wears, or military
lets make freeeeeee Iraq
and give peaceeeeeee for the people
May God Bless Iraq and Iraqis... And protect them from all evil around

Good Evening....
the weather here is crazy..
in the morning its cold and foggy, in the noon its hot and sunny,in the afternoon its rainy.
the food in the campus sometimes is ok and accepted, sometimes its horribe , but we are trying to adapt .
peace and violence are the main topics in the world..
who makes peace?
who makes violence?
what is better , dialogue or debate?
how could we overcome the difficulties facing us everywhere ?
how could we break the circle of revenge and be out of it?
hard questions for very complicated issues.
and Iraq is in my mind and heart every single moment...
we are trying here to understand each other from different culters, faraway from hatred and ignorance...which are the best invironment for violence...
tell you more later..
our day in the campus is busy and tiring..but we have realy nice time together.
good night !

Friday, June 03, 2005

Good Evening...

These days I`m in the States to attend a training course about peacebuilding and conflict transformation in a private teaching school .
well I can see this is AMERICA, as they usually said in media or movies..
but i think i will keep my angry comments now out of the post...
the people are such ordinary as any others I have ever met anywhere... and most of them are peaceful ...
this state supposed to be BLUE one, it means they are against the war on Iraq, and against Bush policy, and they voted not to him.
I can understand they are sad and sorry about what happened for Iraq and Iraqis....
and I knew its not the fault of them, its the same story every where, in every conflict.
its the fault of corrupted governments...
people here in the course, from differrent cultures, trying to meet and study how to make dialogue, or peacebuilding or nonviolence ..between nations.
I think the leaders of the world need to study about these issues before peace building groups.
they have to change their mentality , and stop their greeds..
I can hear the stories from different people who are coming from different nations, from Africa,Asia, South America, or Iraq,Palestine , .....
all are telling same story !
It makes me believe that there is such one DEVIL, who is playing all these dirty games to destroy poor innocent people evey where, to give more power and money for a bunch of monsters...who are controling the media and the minds of ignorant people every where...
the same story, the same actors !
and when I put the translation of my last post today morning, I read it again, smiled, because I thought if I came to the US someday, may be I will change my mind, and discover that I was wrong..
but everyday passing here, proving to me that my vision was right , my heart was telling me the truth since I was in Baghdad..
and from this day and later...I will not care about any comments I could hear from there or here.
my believes now is stronger...Iraq should be build by Iraqis only...
and let other powers get out of Iraq....
occupation or Zarqawi or what ever...
let them out of Iraq , then we could meet and have peaceful dialogue to build our future..
this is my aim..
and will be back to Baghdad as soon as I can , to achieve this goal with the help of God, then Iraqi patriontic men and women, who are neither corrupted, nor puppets of the big DEVIL.
I didn`t tell you that this instiution is private and I will pay all the cost and expenses from my own pocket, I don`t trust any one to fund me.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Wednesday, May 25, 2005
Good Morning...
A few days ago, the International Economic Forum ended its meetings in the Dead Sea Area, by the attendance of 1200 international personages; governmental officials, business men, and non-governmental organizations, from Arabic and European countries, and of course, there were representatives of the American administration; the Congress, and other governmental sectors, then, Lora Bush, President's Bush wife.
I used to read the daily report of the conference, from various newspapers, to find out what was going on there…I could almost smell the same environments that prevailed in the Dead Sea Conference, which I attended with Iraqi women almost a month ago, about the female Leaderships, then we called it " the Brain-washing conference".
Every time we got closer, and heard more…the features of the American political and intellectual speech becomes clearer. I can see that there is some vision they want to impose upon us, compulsorily, and that is that.
Whether we argue or don't, whether we protest or don't, no body cares.
Carry out, and do not argue; it seems that this is their view of life, in their way of dealing with whatever party, all except Israel, of course, for it is pampered, and the American administration, with all its might, could not force one sentence upon her!
All our history here, in the middle east, among Arabic countries, and there is a conflict with Israel, we could almost see clearly the consecutive American administration's fear of clashing with Israel, but rather resort to flatter her, and gain its consent by more military and economic fundings, and we could not understand the real reason for this partiality…
Is there some principle in that subject? Or are there some fears of pressure, and the influence of a certain class?
The answer lies there, in America…and not with us.
*********************************The summery of the general American speech in the Arab region now is: we are sorry for our wrong policies in the region for 60 years, where we supported dictator governments, and now we want to help the people to change, like what happened in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Palestine, where there were new elections, and a new constitution, and in Lebanon, the Syrian occupation will leave, and there will be new elections, and a new government shall come.
As for the women's rights; the women in Kuwait got the right of joining in the political process, and the women in Saudi Arabia shall get the right of driving cars. (This last sentence was added by me, to the great accomplishments because of the American pressures in our region). Thank GOD that in Iraq, we had the right of learning, working, and women's votes for tens of years now, but America couldn't but interfere, so, some American women's organizations came to Iraq after the war, and started opening files, like domestic violence, and violence against women, (they had to look around and interfere in a vicious way, for this seems to be a pleasure they can't live without).
Very well, this is the beautiful picture that the American administration is presenting, to explain its noble efforts to improve the conditions in the Arabic countries….they did not mention the other side of the story, I mean; our knowledge of the details, as nations living here, looking at the events in a different way…
The picture that the American administration is presenting, through different media channels could convince people in the west, those who live far off there, smiling, feeling satisfied and proud for having such noble governments, who want to help people stand up, and make a shinning future, one with freedom, democracy, and the other "crap" they are never tired of repeating, like rutted, old, boring records (lab…lab…lab…), that brings in a feeling of sickness, for containing so much lying, and truth forgery.
Here is the picture, as we see it ….Afghanistan was bombed by America, the regime there was toppled, by force, (it was a friendly regime once, used to hit at the Soviet Union, and other national forces on the afghani field. It was a backwards regime, which didn't represent any civilized picture of Islam and its intellect, and America knew that, but she chose it, and supported it, and when that regime accomplished what America wanted to accomplish, she turned the tables upon it, describing it as the worst regime, and used that to deform the picture of Islam in the west). All of us knew that it was a silly, extremist, Islam deforming regime, so, why did America choose it, and became so close to it??
These are dirty political games, where principals fall here, and benefits talk.
How can I trust a government guided by the notion of temporary, or continuous interests? Aren't these double-dealing governments, not worthy of respect, or trust?
Is someone hypocrite, fickle, and turning worthy of trust?
Then, the same game was played with Saddam Hussein; for he was a bloody tyrant since coming to power, and this was not hidden to anyone. He eliminated his moderate colleagues in the Party, he eliminated and pushed a side the leaderships of other national Iraqi parties, religious or communists, then, he waged the war against Iran, the traditional enemy of America since the fall of the Shah, and the formation of the Islamic republic. America supplied him with weapons, traditional and lethal chemicals, which he used against the Iranians, and the poor Kurds in Halabcha.
Who gave him those weapons?
We never heard such interesting stories in the western media….didn't they know about that?
Or did the interests at that time require overlooking the transgressions of the favorite allay?
Who supported Saddam Hussein and made him bigger, giving him superiority against us and our neighbors, until he became an aggressive monster, which no one can stop?
Didn't Ramisfeild meet with him many times, to arrange the sales of those weapons deals?
George Galloway said that a week ago, in front of the American Congress…but they do not like being reminded of their foul deeds…their tempers becomes spoiled.
People without principals…..without morals….without values…destroying countries and nations, then stand up to cry upon the freedoms of people, and their rights in democracy and liberation. Who destroyed our homeland, devastated Iraq, and led Saddam Hussein from one folly to another, if it wasn't for the encouragement of the American Administrations, who apologize now, admitting to supporting dictatorship regimes in the Arabic and Islamic worlds, for the past 60 years? ( And it is obvious that they mean Iraq and Afghanistan).
Shall we believe, and forgive? Is there someone to believe the viper snake, specialized in poisonous bites?
We have a saying that says: " No believer is to be bitten from the same hole twice…".
But we do have fools…who are continually bitten by the same snake…and never learn the lesson…
**********************************************Then, after the phase of supporting the dictatorship regimes, comes the phase of clashing with them, and slandering them, making them the enemy No 1…then, wars were waged, under various reasons.
We have a saying that says: (If you do not feel ashamed, do what you like), and that is exactly what the governments of the United States are doing to us….of what should they be afraid? Of whom shall they feel ashamed? Would there be any of our governments who will stand up and oppose her, GOD forbid?
Anyway, wars were waged, and regimes were toppled in Afghanistan and Iraq. And in Afghanistan, they brought an American Afghan who always wears a striped green mantel, smiling to the cameras, and speaks English…and enough…that is all we know about him.
We haven't heard yet about the reconstruction of poor Afghanistan and its people, there is no tangible economic or social development, and there are some talks in newspapers, now and then, about unemployment, hunger, and complaints, especially after the demonstrations and clashes there in protests against the issue of degrading the Holy Quran in Guantanamo prison….the western news papers said: Karazai is in an embarrassing situation in front of his people, in the shadow of a declining economic situation, unemployment, and the lack of something new to satisfy the people there, after the end of the war, and the toppling of the Taliban regime…
As for America, and those who represent her government, they keep shouting: Look at Afghanistan, its people fulfilled their dream, they had elections in the country, and a new constitution was put!
As for the rest of the details; the hunger, the unemployment, the poverty, well, they aren't important to be mentioned…
Is an election, and the writing of a new constitution a step towards achieving a better future? Or is it the beginning, and the end point?
That's it…the problems of Afghanistan ended, the pages of the past, present, and future were all folded… just that the poor people stood in line, and voted!
That's it…end of story…and they all lived happily ever after!
It seems that this is the case of fulfilling the hopes of nations, the American way.
************************************In Iraq, the case was more complicated...
They made up the story of the mass destruction weapons, and the threats to neighbors, (and I am not saying here that Saddam Hussein was an innocent lamb), but they made him their No. 1 enemy, and came along to hit him, parading their power to us, so, they destroyed all of Iraq, they didn't just remove Saddam from power, and that's all …but interfered with the fabric of the Iraqi society, ribbing it apart, dividing the people to sects and ethnics, and they caused them to fight among themselves, struggling for shares in the seats of reign… add to that the loss of stability and security in the country, armed gunmen from all colors and associations, explosions, violence, assassinations, and boundless chaos…and each faction has an agenda they want to achieve in Iraq…racing against time to gain as much privileges as possible.
The occupation forces reside in more than 100 military bases in Iraq, announcing that they will keep only 4 major central bases, (in the north, south, west, and middle of Iraq), in which there will be swift intervention forces, to keep up security. (Hooray, hooray, I can almost see how the future of Iraq will be with that, and how independent it will be).
The former opposition parties are fighting among themselves, so each could take as much as possible of the "homeland" cake, the ministries became ethnic and sectarian, (this is a Sunni ministry, most employees are Sunnies, that is a Shia'ats ministry, and so are the employees, and that is a Kurds ministry, and so are the employees). And so, the spirit of national unity was lost, the country was torn under greedy cravings, selfishness, and sectarians….the priorities were lost in the life of the government; like providing security to people, rebuilding the Army and Police Force, improving the economic situation, reducing the unemployment, and controlling the administrational corruption…
All these are hot, but suspended agendas….
There is some targeting to the Iraqi police and army...there are armed clashes between the occupation forces, and forces opposing the existence of occupation…
There are trapped cars targeting the civilians; the occupation forces and the new government say these are the actions of the resistance, while the resistance deny, declaring that these are the actions of someone who wants to defile our image. And the miserable Iraqi people are stunned, looking on, without knowing the truth from the lies.
There are some greedy, hungry investors, who have their eyes on Iraq, waiting for the end of violence, to attack, and start investing, gaining new, huge profits, form a new investment market, whereas most of the markets in the surrounding countries are inactive, almost a sleep.
The American government is playing to the tune of: A new Iraqi government which isn't strong, so it wouldn't become a dictatorship, an active, strong private sector to control the Iraqi market in the future, the oil investments are to be by private companies, not by the government, then, circulating the idea of the free economy; the importance of creating a suitable investing environment…etc…by the language of business men, (most of whom are thieves in truth, but with elegant titles, high-class cloths and appearances, but inside they are greedy, ugly monsters who can never be satisfied, enjoying sucking the blood of the poor).
This is the happy present in which Iraq lives, and the shinning future that awaits it….
And the American administration, when telling the story of Iraq in the media, briefs it by saying that the Iraqis went to the voting boxes, challenged terrorism, voted, and will write the new constitution…
…and, they lived happily ever after!
Of course….the details I talked about in Iraq and Afghanistan becomes trifles not worthy of talking about in public, in the media….according to the American view.
The question is: Are the elections and the constitution steps towards manufacturing a new society, and new concepts in everything, or merely lining, and putting ink on our fingers, to elect political lists who posses no public future work program?
Are these the democracy and freedom for which they destroyed Iraq and Afghanistan?
By GOD, this is a comedy…and a joke on the miserable nations.
No, not merely a joke on the miserable nations, but also on the western people, who are supposed to be more aware and more conscious from those crushed people.
But it seems that even the western people have a small faction who are opening their eyes, and protesting to what is happening…while the majority are in a deep sleep, or wouldn't care for what is happening….
Thus is the world today…. A small faction controlling the fate of millions and millions of people….and nobody can stop them on their tracks…. Why?
Perhaps because behind them stand some supporting groups, who posses fortunes and power….while the majority of people are poor and helpless…who only stand in lines on election days….then go home.
The rest of the mission would be finished by those groups of fortunes and power….those who decide the rest of the details.
For the people's role has ended…. They have elected!!!
Is this the western intellect in freedom and democracy, which they came to market here?
What a petty, phony, lying, and shallow intellect it is.
****************************************As for Palestine, and the elections there, well, that's a long story….
The American administration, as usual, finds it enough to brag that the people went to the election boxes, and voted!
The poor Palestinians are living a story of misery, torture, forced emigration, killing, and injustice, by a cruel occupier who knows no mercy… they have been dislodged from their original homeland to nearby countries, some are still living in camps, having no legal identifiable nationality papers,( in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, and Egypt, for example, they carry traveling documents, so, it would be very difficult to issue Visas for them, or to recognize them, so, the circle of their lives remained strangled, and besieged, as if they committed a crime for which they deserve a life sentence).
Israel has a strong influence in the west, (with governments and the media), and in spite of its aggressiveness and transgressions against its neighbors, no one can confront or criticize her, but rather fear being accused of being anti-Semitic.
The resistance movement of the Palestinian people passed many stages, from armed resistance and military operations, to various and diverse Parties and organizations; leftists, nationalists, and religious…
A lot of their leaderships were eliminated by assassinations led by the various Israeli governments, (whether those leaders were inside Palestine, in an Arabic country, or in Europe); they weren't unable to reach them, and kill them…
Israel followed the Palestinians in Lebanon, and performed a mass killing campaign in the camps of Sabra and Shateela, after the invasion of Beirut 1982, and no one could convict Israel, or prosecute Sharon, the first accused in this crime.
But there was another tragedy for the Palestinians, and that is their clashing with each other, and the constant ideological conflicts; they couldn't agree to a least baseline of vision to the priorities…so, they were lost like orphans in a mean Man's banquet, as the saying goes, and their rights were lost.
They have old, decaying leaderships, party leaders who didn't change for tens of years…there is a knotty problem in not renewing the vision, or the ability to create new intellect, conscious of the time period, without lying down, and obeying orders…
But, it seems like there Is a lying- down-order-obeying tide that started to show its face in the field, publicly, lately…
Not only in the Palestinian field, but the Arabic in general. A tide that is trying to forge a peace with Israel, whatever the price, whatever the way.
They used to say: A just peace…the peace of the brave, a peace that would guarantee the rights of the Palestinians….etc…
But it seems that that also could not be achieved…no justice, no rights, no crap…
So, that leaves only one choice: the peace of lying on the ground, and agreeing to all the conditions of the other party… without discussing any rights, like the right to return home, or talking about conditions like evacuating the settlements…
So, the Palestinian's ambition now is to get small, poor Gaza, and a small part of the west bank, on which to build the great country they always dreamt of!
And do not talk about the rest of the lands, nor the rest of the rights, it is forbidden!
Oh, well…
The Arab people always hear, in the brave speeches of their governments, that they will not give up the land of Palestine, (the governments who became extinct, and those who are still around).
Then, those governments, and after the catastrophes that befell the region; wars, failures, disappointments, and the lack of a world wide support of the Arabic vision, for many reasons, including of course, the Arabic foolishness in not being able to present themselves to the others in a way to convince them to listen…and under the pressures of the present American administration towards the Arabic governments after the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, (fresh frightening samples, as if telling the governments here: this should be your fate if you wouldn't listen to advice!), those poor governments started running to present the consent and approval to the American vision.
But there is a problem; the Arabic people are living in another world….who will convince these people that what is happening is logical, just, beautiful, and elegant…and that a history full of conflict, violence, killings, and injustice against the Palestinians could be ignored, and forgotten, just like that, by the clap of two fingers!
That is the dilemma now…
How will the American administration solve it, in collaboration with the Arabic governments??
How will they justify their transition from governments who lived to fulfill the Arabic dream of returning the rightful property to its owners, and not to abandon the Palestinian people's rights, and an endless…lab…lab…lab…of big, great promises…….
Hummmm….we are all watching…and waiting…
How will they get out of this whirl pool??
As for America, its speech is: Look at the victory achieved by the Palestinian people, they went to the election boxes, and voted.
This is a model of the people who fulfilled their dreams, and will!!
Who is the fool, I wonder?
The one issuing these speeches?
Or the one who listens to them, and believes them?
A question that puzzled me always..............
Translated by May/Baghdad.

Monday, May 30, 2005

Sunday, May 22 nd, 2005
Good morning…
I want to continue my talk about the hot news of the world outside Iraq… for the last week.
The Guantanamo prison scandal through the Newsweek, and the stories about degrading the Holy Quran inside that prison. Then, the battle between the American Senate and the British Member of Parliament George Galloway, in a hearing session about accusations of receiving bribes from Saddam, through the Oil for Food program, and that would justify his opposition to the war against Iraq, as they say.
The Newsweek is a weekly magazine, and each time I buy it, every now and then, I prepare myself for the poisons it prints against Islam and the Muslims, I feel pain, and wonder at the Arabic silence towards what is issued by it, and other poisonous western media, (not all, but most).
There were news of demonstrations in Muslim countries' streets, like Afghanistan and Pakistan, and official protests from Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries against that report, and the demand of an investigation, and the punishment of those responsible for these oversteppings.
After the Abu Gahreb prison scandal, this one came to solidify the deep chasm between the American administration, and the Islamic nations…
The new report of Newsweek says: "…and Washington shook by the demonstrations and violence acts in the streets of the Islamic countries, and the burning of the American flag, in a declaration of anger and protest…the officials were concerned for the stability of the moderate regimes in the region…", (of course, like the Afghanistan and Pakistan regimes).
That is a nice name: moderate regimes!
Is this a substitute for other words, like: friendly, cooperative, obedient, or dummy regimes!
Many expressions, used by the oppressed people against their governments, that do not represent the people's wishes.
And on the Internet media nets, there is another book that was published in America, its writer is an American official who worked in Guantanamo prison for six months…and saw the transgressions and humiliations of the prisoner's dignity there, so he wrote about it, and the newspapers spread it around, to confirm the truth of what happened there.
And the intensity of the conflict increased…
The leaderships of the American administration, like Gondalisa Rise, declared that the American government respects Islam, and the Quran, and that it will start an investigation about the subject, and punish those responsible for the event…
And of course, at the same time, we were following up the news about the American soldier who was involved in the Abu Gahreb prison scandal, and all the aberrant immoral acts she and her colleagues did there… her name is Sabrina Harman, age 27, and her punishment for the charges against her were expected to be some 5-6 years in prison, or so the international news nets said.
But on the next day, I listened to a report on the B.B.C. radio, saying that the judges gave her 6 months for 5 charges, acquitting her from a sixth charge. All the charges were shameful and embarrassing, if they were committed by a man, so, how would they seem when committed by a young woman?
Anyway, her fellow soldiers said that she declared that she alone bears the responsibility of her actions, and no one else, that she feels ashamed of what she did, and the shame she brought to her career and colleagues…so, her colleagues said that she proved how noble and brave a human she is!!!
So, the young lady turned out to be noble, and the victims were the fallen villains?
What a sick media, or a deformed society. I don't know where is the mistake in the subject? But it gives a clue to the way of punishing those who trespass over the human law, who degrade the human dignity… there, in the home of the American justice.
Is this the way the investigators will behave, in the case of degrading the Holy Quran in Guantanamo?
And they always wonder: why do the nations of the world hate us? They must feel jealous from us!!
This is how I sometimes read the analysis of those who do not understand the enmity of the world's people against the American governments, (for I do not think there is a special enmity against the American people there). But by the passage of time, if the people couldn't put pressure on their government, to change its policies towards people, it will get some of the anger and hostility, because it takes the responsibility of keeping such hostile governments in ruling. Isn't there some democracy, and elections?
Who brings such aggressive symbols into rule, except the people?
So, the people bear the responsibility, one way or another….one day.
Then there is the case of the charges against George Galloway, because he stood up, strongly and bravely and said: No, to war on Iraq, so, they accused him of taking money from Saddam Hussein, in an illegal way, to support him and prevent the war…
Galloway said that he met Saddam Hussein the same number of times that Ramsfeild met Saddam Hussein, but the difference was that Ramsfeild sold weapons to Saddam… regardless of his faults; the only important thing was that there were deals, and benefits.
Was this justified?
Years latter, they turned against him, picturing him as the twentieth century monster, then destroyed him, and all Iraq, without mercy.
George Galloway said he was against Saddam and his acts, but he refused the war in pity for the Iraqi people.
And I understand what he suffers from them…
When we started writing on this site, (my sons and I), we received many poisonous, spiteful e-mails, in which they said: Ha…you are Bathists, you are against the war because you love Saddam!
This is how they imagine the people of the world are, only two kinds: one kind with the American government, and its philosophy in life.
And the other kind, those against these ideas, merely criminals, beneficiaries, or such…
They didn't realize yet that there are factions of people who look upon things by the eye of justice, without partiality, or benefits.
Of course they couldn't believe what we say, they always think there are some materialistic reasons pushing people to take certain attitudes.
Do they believe in the existence of principals? Do they believe that there are people who live in this life, who respect principals, and measure right from wrong by it?
I know that a person who hasn't got a certain thing, could not give back that thing… and we cannot open a possible, fruitful, positive dialogue with these people, because they are deaf, blind, and dumb…….
Do not tire yourself in a dialogue with them.
I found a wonderful book in the bookshop a few weeks a go, and I bought it. Reading it opens the eyes and minds, in spit of what's in it of misery, and painful facts.
But it’s a great book, and everyone needs to read it, and learn from it…
The book is called: the War Crimes, what the public should know.
The book contains articles and photographs, written and photographed by tens of journalists in most world countries, and in various cities that were subjected to wars, local and international conflicts, old or new.
Palestine, Iraq, then Bosnia and Herzegovina, Rwanda, Vietnam, Cambodia, the Latin American countries, Syrilanka, and other far east countries…
Hanan Ashrawi, from Palestine, wrote the introduction, then, Lawrence Fishler, then, other men and women who decided to put the truth in front of the public's eyes, because the world had so much transgressions, and injustice, and the Security council, and the leaders of the major countries do not act in a responsible way to solve the problems of wars and destruction, that befall the people on earth.
There must be a new formation to the fundamentals of human dealings, as the international, humane law that exists now has proved its failure and incapacity, and its inability to stop the transgressions that take place against Man, and earth.
The war crimes are numerous…but they are being committed every day, and no one cares, or defends, or raises a head in protest…because then he shall find some one to accuse him of corruption and bribery, like they did with Galloway, they shall burry the truth, and make up the stories they want the public to believe.
The book has an article about the unlawfulness of the war on Iraq… the unlawfulness of the Guantanamo prison…according to the international laws that are agreed upon.
And the number of war crimes, that made me think; how many of those were committed in Iraq, until now?
The crime of killing or targeting civilians, or their possessions….
The crime of killing or targeting journalists…
The crime of humiliating and torturing prisoners, and degrading their human dignity…
The crime of dropping cluster bombs upon towns, villages, and civilian farms…
The crime of sieging a town, bombing it, demolishing its houses randomly, and forcing its people out, as refugees…
The crime of arresting civilians, locking them up without clear charges, or giving them the right of a fair trial….
The crime of shooting civilians, turning the streets into a free firing field….
Did I mention them all? I don't think so… but I do believe they were all committed against Iraqis, by the occupation forces.
Who shall hold them responsible? Who shall accomplish justice, and punish them?
And then, there are some fools who write e-mails to me, saying: Faiza, we love to read your writings, we do sympathize with you, but the problem, my dear, is that you lived under the shadow of a regime who poisoned your thoughts, and washed your brains, so you became western- haters, in general, and America, in particular.
By GOD, I do not know who is the fool among us, and who is the brain-washed; I, or those naïve, letter writers?
Translated by May/Baghdad.

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