Saturday, June 04, 2005

Good Evening....
the weather here is crazy..
in the morning its cold and foggy, in the noon its hot and sunny,in the afternoon its rainy.
the food in the campus sometimes is ok and accepted, sometimes its horribe , but we are trying to adapt .
peace and violence are the main topics in the world..
who makes peace?
who makes violence?
what is better , dialogue or debate?
how could we overcome the difficulties facing us everywhere ?
how could we break the circle of revenge and be out of it?
hard questions for very complicated issues.
and Iraq is in my mind and heart every single moment...
we are trying here to understand each other from different culters, faraway from hatred and ignorance...which are the best invironment for violence...
tell you more later..
our day in the campus is busy and tiring..but we have realy nice time together.
good night !

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