Saturday, June 04, 2005

Good afternoon
we spent the day in the city outside the campus , the people were celebrating their national day about cow and farms ,..
we all sat on the side of the road, watching and cheering the festival moving through the street.
my colleagues were laughing and smiling, and one of them said : Faiza , don't be serious all the time, join the people and celebrate..
I smiled but have no answer...She is an American women, but I am Iraqi, coming from the zone of war and conflict , made by the government of this country.
how could I celebrate??
I was thinking all the time about what happened in Iraq , for people and children
and here I can see how people and children are happy?
I asked myself, could I love someday to join them to be one of them?
could I be selfish and love my country and my people and forget about others?
others who are the victims of my government?
others who suffered from poverty and violence and lack of justice and peace?
should I say : GOD BLESS MY HOMELAND ?
could I pay more and more money from my tax to my government to support their wars against poor nations?
could I tell my kids that all nations hated us because they are jealous of our freedom?
what a sick minded fathers and mothers !
look what you have done for others in Africa, or Asia ,or south America, or Iraq or Palestine..
and don't say we are innocent..Its long history, not new one.
you have no chance to give justifications any more..
you are a part of the operation if you didn't stop your government from doing all that bad actions.
how could you do that?
its your option to make the change.
its your time to stand and open your eyes to see the truth.
sooner or later, the change is coming.......

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