Friday, January 28, 2005

Good morning

The world is more concerned of the Iraqi elections than the poor Iraqis themselves.
People in Iraq are busy with their lives details and in solving the problems of water and electricity, and dealing with the lack of gas for cars and cooking, in addition to the daily horror of the bombed cars, explosions, death and destruction… and the gangs of thieves and kidnappers.
All of this in Iraq, while the international media stations are trying to find answers to questions like: What’s the ration of voters? Are the elections going to be held or not? Who is for the elections and who is against it? Who are the names in the winning elections lists? How many people are on each list?


The world is living other priorities that are totally different from the regular Iraqi’s main concerns.
I know and feel the size of the struggle and sacrifices of Iraqis, and I wish that Iraq and Iraqis will achieve a stabile life as soon as possible because they witnessed a long history full of suffering.
We always laugh and say that God will put Iraqis in heaven and tell them: you saw enough of misery in your life.
My heart laughs and cries at once.


The Idea of elections by itself is a great concept for affording a convenience for populations, and working on a program supported by the majority.

This is the idea…

Yet, election won’t be successful without an appropriate atmosphere; an atmosphere of political stability, steadiness, and a clear vision of what to do. We need to know the names of candidates, hear their plans, see them on TV or newspapers, and understand every candidate clearly. We should watch public debates between different parties and candidates to understand what is really happening, we need to understand who are we voting for because these people will have a very important and dangerous responsibility in the next years, they should lead Iraq to a better future.

How can vote for someone that I don’t know his programme or his credibility? How can I take a part of such a foolish act?
These people that will be elected are going to put the new constitution of Iraq, this is a historic responsibility.
Who can handle such a huge task and great honour?
Only people tat we can make sure of their reliability and trustworthiness.
The elected candidates are going to discuss very dangerous issue like suppurating mosque from state, whether religion is the only source of law, the rights for different religious and ethnic groups, the relationships with neighbouring countries including Israel, the relationship with the occupying forces and whether they will be asked to withdraw their forces from Iraq or not.
All of these issues are very controversial and important, and the new government should be reliable enough to take such big decisions.
It is not just about lists and candidates, the issue is more complicated.


The entire world is shouting and asking, are Iraqis going to take a part of the elections or no?
Wallahi I have headache because of times I was asked this question
Yes, of course I am for the elections, and for the participation and voting, but not in this way! Not in this shallow and superficial way!
At the same time, I am against violence and preventing people from going to elections.
The funny thing is that we face the same kind of question in post-war Iraq: are you against or for saddam? Are you against or for the elections?
No one asks: what do you think about what is happening?
You always find yourself in a narrow space put by the person asking you!
And this is funny, because the world is not just Yes and No!
Life is full of options, and your answers are very rarely mere (Yes)s or (NO)s.
In a free world is a multi-optional world that gives us the space of thinking and answering in a calm way.
Life is colourful, it is full of options and choices, and for a happy and comfortable life all the colours should be there.


I believe that the violence in Iraq is linked directly to the presence of occupation. Violence won’t stop as long as the occupying forces are inside the country.
If there was a schedule for pulling out the occupying forces, I think it would be a starting point for decreasing violence.
And the other thing that we’ll need is a national reconciliation and involving as much as possible of the resistant movement inside Iraq and give them space to have political representation. This will leave the extremist movements isolated and unsupported.
Even in the resistance, there are extremist movements that we can’t deal with and other national movements that can be included in a political dialogue.

The best and maybe only solution for stopping the violence is having a political discussion the same way it happened in Lebanon after 15 years of war or maybe what is happening in Sudan too.

Who will take the first step?
This is the hard question…
Is the decision in the hand of Iraqis, or it is being taken outside?
If this is our situation, that means we have a long dark path that I hope God will help us go through it.


I really wish that the atmosphere was more appropriate for Iraqis to go and vote. I’m sure the results would have been better. Like a student and his examinations, as much as the environment is comfortable and the time for studying reasonable, as much as the results are better.

But even here in Amman, where the security situation is really stable, the number announced about the registered voters are really low, which gives and indication that the security factor is not the only barrier between Iraqis and voting. It is more about people nit being convinced that elections are the answer for the current crises.
I will go on Sunday with my friend, a Canadian journalist, to help her cover the elections in many centres inside Amman. We will meet people and see what they think about the current issues. We’ll even meet some other people that didn’t take a part of the elections.
I want to help the voices of Iraqis reach to many people, that’s why I will be working with her.


In spite of the awful situation in Iraq now, I try to be always optimistic and I ask God to keep Iraq and Iraqis safe, and give them the opportunity to choose new national uncorrupted leaders (or to be possible at least not much corrupted, hehehe)

I always wish, and this is my life’s dream, to see a stable, safe, happy, and developed Iraq with happy and satisfied Iraqis living there.

And I hope that one day I will be participating in making a better future for Iraq, some day.

الجمعة 28 كانون الثاني 2005
صباح الخير...
العالم كله مشغول بموضوع الإنتخابات العراقية, أكثر من العراقيين البؤساء أنفسهم.
أكاد أرى الناس في العراق مشغولين بهموم الحياة اليومية وانقطاع الماء والكهرباء
وشحة الوقود للتدفئة والطبخ والسيارات, والرعب اليومي من سيارات مفخخة وتفجيرات وموت ودمار وتخريب.....وعصابات اللصوص والخاطفين.
ووسائل الإعلام في العالم تحاول ان تبحث عن أسئلة مثل : كم النسبة المئوية للمشاركين في الإنتخابات من السكان؟
وهل ستتم هذه العملية حقا؟
ومن يؤيدها ومن يعترض عليها؟
ومن هم أصحاب القوائم الفائزة؟
وكم نسبة مقاعد كل قائمة؟
أكاد أرى أن العالم يعيش في مفردات وأولويات تختلف تماما عن مفردات حياة العراقي البائس, وأولوياته.
وكأنه يقول : يا إنتخابات يا بطيخ؟؟؟
وأعلم قدر معاناتهم, وتضحياتهم...واتمنى ان يتحقق الإستقرار والهدوء للعراق والعراقيين في أقرب وقت...لأنهم رأوا الكثير من العذابات في تاريخهم, ودائما نضحك ونقول : يوم القيامة , يمكن رب العالمين يخفف العذاب على العراقيين ويدخلهم الجنة, ويقول لهم كفاكم ما رأيتموه من العذاب في الدنيا.....
قلبي يضحك ويبكي في آن واحد......
مبدأ الإنتخابات هو مبدأ جميل وعظيم...لبناء طريقة حياة حضارية للشعوب.
والمضي في برنامج تجتمع عليه غالبية الشعب.
هكذا هي الفكرة.
وينبغي ان تكون ثمة أجواء مناسبة لحدوث هذه العملية, مثل الإستقرار السياسي, والهدوء, ووضوح الرؤيا, يعني نسمع أسماء المرشحين, ونسمع برامجهم,ونراهم على الشاشة او الصحف, ونتعرف على تاريخ كل واحد حتى نقدر ان نتفهم مقدار مصداقيته.
وممكن أن نسمع مناظرات بين أصحاب الأحزاب والقوائم لنفهم المزيد وتتوضح الصورة وننتخب, يعني نكون بوعي ونضوج وإدراك لما نفعل ومن نختار....لأنهم سيكونون ممثلو الشعب للفترة القادمة, والشعب لا يعطي هذه المسؤولية الخطيرة لإناس لا يعرفهم.
كيف اعطي صوتي لشخص لا اعرف برنامجه وصدقه وإخلاصه؟
كيف أشارك بحماقة كهذه؟
وهؤلاء الأشخاص الذين سيتم إنتخابهم, سيقومون بصياغة دستور العراق الجديد...يعني مسؤولية تاريخية.
من يستحق هذا الشرف العظيم؟
طبعا يستحقه من نتاكد من نزاهته ووطنيته وإخلاصه لفكر وثقافة وتاريخ شعبه.وكونه سيكتب في الدستور القادم ما يصوغ طريقة حياة ومستقبل هؤلاء الناس, الذين هم شعبه.
وستثار مواضيع خطيرة مثل الدين والدولة وفصلهما عن بعضهما, وهل الدين مصدر التشريع الوحيد؟
حقوق فئات الشعب من مختلف ا لأعراق والأديان والطوائف , علاقة الدولة العراقية بالدول المجاورة مثل إسرائيل, وعلاقة الدولة العراقية مع قوات الإحتلال الموجودة, هل سيطلب منهم المغادرة ام البقاء...
هذه مواضيع معقدة وشائكة سيتعرض لها المشرعون الجدد....وينبغي ان يكونوا على قدر من الثقافة والمعرفة والقدرة على صياغة مثل هكذا مواضيع مصيرية.
المسألة ليست فقط قوائم ومرشحين ونسب....
المسألة اكثر تعقيدا من كل هذا .
والعالم كله يصرخ, هل ستشاركون في الإنتخابات أم لا ؟
والله عندي صداع من كثرة ما سمعت هذا السؤال.
نعم , أنا مع الإنتخابات طبعا...ومع المشاركة والتصويت, لكن ليس بهذه الطريقة المضحكة المفبركة والمسلوقة نص نص .
ولكني في ذات الوقت ضد العنف والإرهاب للناس لإجبارهم على عدم المشاركة.
الشيء المضحك في العراق أننا بعد الحرب نواجه دائما سؤال مثل هل انت مع صدام ام ضده؟
هل أنت مع الإنتخابات أم ضدها؟
لا تأتي الأسئلة بصيغة ما رأيك مما يحدث؟؟
دائما تجد نفسك في خانة ضيقة وضعها صاحب السؤال.
وهذامضحك...لأن العالم ليس مجرد نعم أو لا.
العالم فيه خيارت كثيرة, ونادرا ما تكون خياراتك نعم أو لا.
المفروض في العالم الحر, أن تكون أمامك الخيارات كثيرة تفكر بهدوء,ثم تقرر..
لكن العراقيين البؤساء دائما يتعرضون لهذه المواقف , أبيض أو أسود.
العالم يمتليء بكل الألوان, ومختلف الخيارات, من أجل أن يكون سعيدا, مريحا, منسجما, لا بد من وجود كل الألوان, وبنسب متفاوته.
أعتقد أن للعنف علاقة بوجود الإحتلال...
لا يمكن لأحدهما أن يبقى والآخر يزول...
إن كان ثمة جدولة زمنية لإنسحاب الإحتلال...أظن هذه نقطة بداية مهمة لتخفيف العنف.
والثاني هو مصالحة وطنية, يعني جذب أكثر ما يمكن من تيارات المعارضة العراقية في الداخل, وتنسيق العلاقة معها لإعطائها فرصة للمشاركة في العملية السياسية, وهذا سيبقي التيارات المتطرفة وحيدة وبلا مساندة, وسيسبب في تقليص قدرتها وتمويلها.
يعني حتى في المعارضة ثمة تيارات متطرفة إرهابية, وتيارات وطنية محلية ممكن التفاوض معها والإتفاق على صيغة ما.
المدخل الوحيد لإطفاء العنف هو الجلوس على طاولة المفاوضات السياسية, كما حدث في لبنان بعد 15 سنة من القتال, وكما في السودان ودارفور بعد سنوات طويلة من العنف والقتال.
من سيقوم بهذه الخطوة؟؟
أقصد من يقرر القيام بها؟؟؟
هذا هو السؤال الصعب, هل القرار بيد العراقيين أنفسهم, أم من الخارج؟؟
كما في السودان؟؟
إن كان هكذا هو حالنا , فمعنى هذا ان ثمة طريق طويل مظلم شائك سيمر به العراقيون.
كان الله في عونهم.....

كنت اتمنى أن تكون ألأجواء أفضل للعراقيين لينتخبوا بطريقة افضل
, وتكون النتائج أفضل, مثل الطالب والإمتحانات, كلما كانت أجواء مناسبة, وفترة معقولة للدراسة, كانت عنده فرصة اكثر للنجاح...
لكني حتى هنا في عمان, والدنيا آمنه...أرى ألأرقام التي اعلنتها وسائل الإعلام للمشاركين, منخفضة, مما يؤشر أن الحالة لا علاقة لها بالوضع الأمني...الحالة تتعلق بقناعة الناس بجدوى هذه العملية.
والواضح أن القناعة متدنية.....
سأذهب يوم الأحد مع صديقتي المراسلة الكندية لتغطية عملية الإنتخاب في مراكز متعددة في عمان...وسنرى نسبة المشاركين ونلتقي بهم ونسألهم..وسنحاول لقاء عراقيين لم يشاركوا ونسألهم عن رأيهم.
بالنسبة لي فقد سمعت الكثير, وما عاد ثمة جديد...لكني أريد إيصال أصواتهم للعالم....
رغم كل الوضع المشوه الآن في العراق...لكني أظل متفائلة دائما..وأدعو الله أن يحفظ العراق والعراقيين..
ويعطيهم الفرصة لإختيار قيادات جديدة وطنية شريفة لا فساد فيها, أو يكون قليلا( هههه, حتى لا يكون الطلب مستحيلا
أتمنى دائما , وهذا حلم حياتي , أن أرى العراق آمنا مستقرا, سعيدا, متطورا, وأهله سعداء آمنين راضين .
وان أكون واحدة من الذين يشاركون في صناعة هذا المستقبل المشرق الجميل...ذات يوم.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Dear one, I am another mother who has lost her son in Iraq on June 22 2004, I just return from the Iraqi border and Amman, I was with the Peace delegation that arrived in Amman the 27 of December. We came to bring $600,000 of medical supply for the children of Felluja. I wanted to meet with other mothers, who have lost someone and suffered. Our group wants peace, the military out of Iraq, We want the war to stop now!! I will be back in a few months to start a project for Iraqi refugees, women and children, in Amman. I don't like what our government is doing to people...Most of our group is telling the truth on the situation in Iraq by giving presentations cross country and Europe. Many people in this country are against the war but only a few know the truth...

Nadia McCaffrey, InService Because I Care. Founder of the Angelstaff Volunteer. Founder and ChairPerson of Changing The Face of Life, a 501c3 a Charitable NonProfit Corporation. Founder of the San Francisco-Bay chapter for IANDS. Home: 209-830 9955 cell: 209-814 7182 Mother of Sergeant Patrick McCaffrey, 34, father of 2 young children. An American Patriot, fallen in an ambush near Balad, Iraq, June 22, 2004. Patrick is the first combat death in 58 years history of the California National Guard's 579 Engineer Battalion, based in Petaluma, Ca. "Casualty" 848 *** *** Story of the week (August 20)

Hello Faiza,
I hope you don't mind another message from an American Mom
that is so ashamed of her countries administration. The majority of us do not support them.
I also lost my beloved son on Sept 25, 2004 near Taig.
He also was a gentle beautiful soul. He took great delight in the children of your country. He was a cook in civilian life and he would get so excited as he drove down the streets of Baghdad because he could smell all the delicious smells from women cooking dinner. He would of liked nothing better than to jump down and talk to them about spices and exchange recipes. His death has changed our world forever.
I am so sorry about the devastation of your country.. I only hope that we can find something good in all of this. I pray for the people of your country every day as well as our soldiers that this country has put in harms way..
I hope that your people can someday forgive ours.
In Peace and Love
Michelle DeFord
Mother of Sgt.David W. Johnson

Dear Faiza

Susan put me in touch with you.
My son was killed in Sadr City on 04/04/04. His name was Casey Austin Sheehan. He was killed in the Shi'ite uprising on that day. He was almost 25.

I want to let you know that I am so sorry what our leaders have done to your country. Casey was a peaceful, gentle guy, who joined the Army to protect America and to help people. He didn't join to be misused by an arrogant administration who are murderers. I don't blame the Iraqi who killed Casey...I blame Bush and his other followers.

Please keep in touch with me...I think we do need to do peace together. Us Moms in the US need to be in contact and solidarity with you moms in Iraq.

Love and hugs from America
Cindy Sheehan

Friday, January 21st, 2005
Good evening….
These are the days of Al- Adha’a Feast, I wish you many happy returns… and hope the next feast would arrive, with Iraq in the best condition, and all Iraqis would be in peace, security, and welfare. I see this as a far-off dream….but I shall never stop praying, working, and waiting, to fulfill this dream….
I cried on the eve of the Feast, while I was in my hotel room, at the Dead Sea, to attend a Conference about Iraqi Societies and their Funding. I remembered the preceding years, when were a whole family, Azzam and I, and the boys; Raid, Majid, and Khalid… we used to go shopping before the Feast, to buy new clothes, sweets, chocolates, and juice, to present to our guests… and Azzam used to distribute the “I’diaa = Feast Pocket Money” to the family members, on the morning of the Feast… then we would gather at the house of the elder brother, exchanging greetings, then, on the other days we would visit more friends and relatives…until the Feast vacation would end… but today…Azzam is in America, on business with a company, Raid is visiting the U.A.E. with his Fiancé, Majid is in Canada, I am in Amman, and Khalid is in Baghdad… I cried bitterly, sadly… I miss my family, my house, and my neighbors. I miss my friends and colleagues at work, my naughty cat, and everything there…
I do not know when I’ll be back, and when we will all gather again, in a secure, settled country, with a clear, shiny future.
So, I want to talk about the conference I attended at the Dead Sea area. It was organized by an American organization concerned with financing privately owned projects…and it was attended by members of different Iraqi Chambers of Commerce … Baghdad, Najaf, Basra… and by the Iraqi Business Men Union, the Iraqi Industries Union, the Investors Union, and many others, old and new organizations, joined by one interest, and that is; dealing with Capital Money, investing them, and trying to find new ways to increase and revive the income for each organization.
To tell the truth, I realized since day one that I do not have any wish to participate in such conferences, but the invitation came through our Women Society, without presenting details about the agenda of lectures. So, I went with curiosity to find out if there was anything useful?
There were American lecturers, and Arabs, the topics revolving around subjects like: Business/Markets/Democracy/Strategic Planning/ Business Programs/ Income Resources, and the means of enhancing them/ Budget/ and the Financial Management of the Organization. There were also discussions about forming a coalition between Societies, then holding a workshop to discuss proposed projects for each Society apart.
I benefited from many notes that were useful for me as a Manager at my work, but not in the Society, because I do not relish the idea of joining a Society for projects and profits. I like working with Societies that think of helping the Iraqi Women socially, developing their subjective abilities in starting small, productive projects, and thus increasing the family income, or solving family problems, raising children, teaching husbands and wives how to deal with each other, for the sake of a more successful marriage life… like each would learn to respect the privacy of the other…and they would both agree to give the priority to the Family, in their minds, and sacrifices, to provide a better future for all the members of this small foundation: the Family. Then, as time passes on, the children would grow, and would be less dependant on their parents, the mother would be a little more free of these burdens, so, she would join in the public life of society, through different Women's Societies, to extend a helping hand to the less fortunate women in society; less fortunate in education, financial conditions, or experience… life is sharing, this is a beautiful principle I trust in; sharing in material objects, like giving extra clothes to poor people, or donations to poor families, or mental sharing, by giving advice to those who need it, and thus sharing our experiments in life.
But instead I found myself in a conference that thinks differently, thinking how to increase the income of originally old, rich organizations…
Huh…once more I find myself in the wrong place. But, nothing would be without a benefit, for I learned a lot that helps my work, as an engineer in a company that deals with different others, and with employees, and how to run this company financially, and administratively.
The lectures program was long, and tiring; starting at 8.30 a.m, till 5 or 6 p.m, interrupted only by short recesses, then the lunch break, then back to the lectures.
The delegation of our Society included the three members of the old Society, who resigned after being Board-Members, and so we became founding members in this new Society, and then added a new member, and that means four. We were in agreement on almost everything. There were some old projects we talked about in Baghdad, and they had it brought, printed, then we added a new project to it, about starting training courses for Iraqi women in Jordan, in subjects like Leadership skills, communications, marketing, and so…
When we were in Baghdad, we suggested to one of us three to become the Chairwoman, because the others were very busy with their daily work, and the one we nominated had an office, but no real business, she joins in supplying announcements for computers or other machinery needed by state offices, but didn't gain any real thing yet.
As she had an office, and the spare time, we suggested to her to become the Chairwoman, and her office would be the home base of the Society.
I gave her a sum of money to cover the starting expenses, like any printed leaflets, designing the Society's logo, and a web site for the Society on the Internet, and told her to pay the same amount herself, then, we might regain our money back from the Society's projects some day, or give them up as donations. I said to her: our children have grown up, and this Society would be like a young, new son for us, to love, look after, and wish the best for….
Everything was going quietly, and in harmony, during the first two days of the conference. On the third day, we were supposed to be divided into groups, and each group would discuss the suggestions of its projects with a member of the organizing committee, who were responsible for financing the projects proposed by the Iraqi Societies.
So, we spent all afternoon printing the projects, adding sentences, and alterations, then, we typed a C.V. for each of us, with a list of her activities, to send them Along with the introductory letter of our Society.
We saw some other Societies who were introduced in the morning, then got the financing of their projects, and would sign the contract tomorrow. By GOD we were happy for that, and hoped this new Society would stand on strong feet, and by the financing we shall get, we would help many Iraqi women, by developing their skills through educating courses, financing small projects, or by marketing the products of poor Iraqi families.
In the evening, before dinner, a sharp argument arose between the Chairwoman, and a Board member. I tried to keep silent, or interfere to calm things down. The core of the matter was that the Board member objected to some of the Chairwoman's behaviors, and the Chairwoman was arguing with her nervously… then, the situation got very tense when the Chairwoman shouted in our faces: Listen, I've had enough of you… I endured a lot from you…from now on, you should know that I am the boss, and you would say or do nothing without my consent… then she waged her forefinger in our faces….
I looked at her, and laughed…
I said to her: But you have nothing better than any of us, neither in thinking, planning, nor abilities… we allowed you to become the Chairwoman, in appreciation from our side, and it is a symbolic position…you have no rights more than any of us… the three of us are supposed to be founding members, and friends, none of us has any authority over the others… there are no differences between us…
She said nervously: No, that is enough, I endured you a lot… I worked alone in following up the logo and website design, and the registration of the Society papers…
I said to her: But you know our circumstances, we didn't run away from that responsibility, when I was in Baghdad, I joined you in thinking, writing the Society Message, and its aims, and going to the Ministry, for the registration, then calling around to gain new members, but I traveled because my circumstances were bad and tiring more than yours, and we kept in touch, and from Amman, I contacted International Women Societies, to provide support for our Society, and open contact channels with the outside world, to help Iraqi Women….
The argument heated up between them, each started accusing the other of being at fault, and intending to insult….
We were on our way to the restaurant to have dinner, when I stopped, turned around, and went back to my room. I felt some thing has collapsed inside of me….. a beautiful being we all gave efforts to bring to life, in a spirit of sincere collectiveness, and now comes this dumb woman to smash it all, with her selfishness, and her love to rule.
Oh, my GOD, it is an inherent disease in this nation, one we inherited from long ago. Where is the devoted leader who works in the spirit of All, and wouldn't be broken? People seem to love the cruel selfish, the one who sticks to his own opinion, like Saddam Hussein. And even when he falls, some small, minor copies of him would appear, that look like him, claiming to be against him, but all the way imitating him unconsciously, and walk on his steps.
I sat in my room thinking, shocked, what shall I do??
I want to help the miserable Iraqi Women, but I do not want to clash with this dumb, pea-brained fool…
The failing leader is the one who raises his fingers in the faces of people and say: I am the leader… remember this!!
This is a disaster, and a disease that befell this nation, how shall it be cured??
And the poor Islam is accused, first, and last.
And Islam is innocent of what they do.
The Holy Quran is the Referanciation of Islam's Intellectuals, and The Holy Quran pushes towards the collective spirit- (The Hand of GOD goes with the Group), but what prevails among our leaders is the spirit of the individual, loving one's self, the love of control, and ruling the people.
The Prophet Mohammad (May the Prayers of GOD be upon him, and HIS Peace) was not a ruthless tyrant, nor any of the four Caliphs who rules after Him. But the Umayyad and Abbasid states that came later, enhanced the idea of worshiping the leader, and groveling to him, so he would stick to the Ruling Chair until he dies, then his son or brother would come along, only to stick once more till he dies, then again, some other Heir would come, and stick to the chair till he dies… huh, by GOD it is a comedy. And the Muslims must correct their wrongful course, for they have moved very far from the true rules of Islam, ending up lost in endless darkness.
The west accuses Islam of being a religion of violence, and backwardness…. And Islam is innocent from all these charges. The Muslims have badly marketed Islam, that is, they distributed the Mentality of Islam to the world badly.
Some people, when they look upon the disappointments that has befallen the nation, take various reactions, some run away from Islam, ignoring it, while getting near to west, sweet-talking to it, sadly, these are a minority of educated, intellectual people. Others feel sad for the deformation that has befallen the image of Islam, for the misunderstanding that Religion has got, so, they would end up silent, lonely, with a negative attitude, and they would draw back from life, and again, sadly, those would be the majority of the nation, miserable, and weak even in their own countries.
And there is a faction that, for all their disappointment, the lack of ability to change things, and their over-much enthusiasm, have taken the path of violence to express their anger, and these are mostly the young men of this nation, whose energy, anger, and love of Islam perhaps have been used in the most ugly way, so they made themselves a tool of destroying, and deforming Islam, making it hateful to the world, instead of presenting it in a rational, mature way, that would give the benefit to the nation, and instead of looking for calm, intelligent solutions to draw the nation away from its dilemma.
Yes, there are so many unjust people, who collaborate with each other to destroy this nation, but, God is the Lord of all the Faithful, is there any better Lord than GOD??
The west accuses Islam of being Anti-democratic… Democracy is the Collective spirit. To respect the decision of the people, is to respect Democracy.
The Muslims themselves were unjust to their religion when they moved away from its true, original doctrine, so, they were deformed, and the existing heritage became Worshiping the Individual.
Is this true to Islam??
Humans are creatures who make a lot of mistakes, then they are tiring, stubborn creatures, who insist upon the same mistake, and thus bringing disaster upon disaster to the people on earth.
For example, Christianity is the religion of love and peace, and some of Christ's teachings say; do not drink alcohol, do not commit incest, do not hate your enemy, do not hurt your neighbor, if you were slapped on the right cheek, turn the left to them.
Where is the west now, from all the teachings of Christ (Peace be upon him)??
And Islam forbids incest, foul behavior, lying, hypocrisy, bribes, drinking alcohol, and injustice….but, people are fools??
Some Muslims commit all these acts, so, is Islam to be accused?? Or merely that the people are fools???
There is a saying by The Prophet Mohammad (May the Prayers of GOD be upon him, and HIS Peace), saying: (Islam shall return a stranger, as IT has begun…. So, Hail the strangers), meaning, He is praying Mercy and Help from GOD to those misrables who hold on to the rules of religion, for yes, they see themselves as strangers from another planet…
People are running, panting behind the pleasures of this world, caring nothing for right and wrong, truth or false, just or unjust…. Who cares, as long as they get what they want, regardless of the price.
I feel sorry for this world, who lost all beautiful values.
What is the worth of a life without morals, and beautiful values???
I don't know….
Life becomes a boring, heavy burden…we all wish to shed, as quickly as possible. The heart becomes heavy and sad, as he sees the world moving to the decline.
Whenever I see a baby… I would stare in his face, wondering in my heart; what possible future awaits you, poor thing?? What are the adults doing today, to provide a better future for your generation?
The adults are fighting, biting each other, to get more riches…caring nothing for the devastation that would befall the planet, and the sad legacy we would leave behind, for the generations after us…would be a legacy of malice, greed, and injustice.
Going back to our poor society… the Chairwoman ruined everything for us, the next day, during the discussion of our projects, when she said: I did all these things, these are my efforts.
The word "I" destroyed us… I told her a thousand times; say "we" and do not say "I".
Our Society was not funded with one Dime, because the funding sources lost their confidence in us, after seeing the esteemed Chairwoman, and her way of handling the situation.
Of course, I handed in my resignation from the Society before going back to Amman.
I said to her: my dear, learn the importance of the word "we" in our lives, work, and future. I see it as the key to success in everything in the world. Look at the west, and how they succeeded?? By the word "we", and working under the slogan "we".
Even Israel, how did they succeed against the Arabs, with it being a small state??
The spirit of "we" rules them…and the spirit of "I" destroyed the Arabs, making them the joke of the world…
When will you learn???
When will you revise your mistakes???
When, when, when….
I do not know….
But I have a tired heart, from all that is happening….
Translated by May/ Baghdad.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Good morning...
this is a link for my friend Susan`s blog.
its new one,but i like it,i feel realy she is very close,and we both have same language and same vision,even she is American,and i`m Iraqi .
well that gives me hope,we all can participate to make peace one day.
her link is :
and this article is from her link.

War is costly. Peace is priceless.
Memorial for the dead of the war on IraqAfter the counter inaugural, Linda and I had lunch, then we went to the EYES WIDE OPEN exhibit at the National City Christian Church. This was the second day I worked on the exhibit. I worked behind the table at the entrance, and spent a fair amount of time trying to straighten out the tee shirts and find the right sizes for people, and answering questions. The tee shirts had the slogan "War is costly" on the front and "Peace is priceless" on the back. We moved some of the soldier's boots to the front steps of the church, and placed candles besides them. We handed out candles to the people gathered. Several parents of soldiers killed in Iraq spoke about their attempts to talk to Rumsfeld that day, and about their pain and loss over this war. They spoke of the senselessness of this war. While they spoke, I kept relighting the candles. I felt it was important that they be lit. I got to meet Cindy Sheehan, whom I had emailed several times over the past few weeks (her son Casey died in Iraq). Amy Goodman was there to interview the families. As they spoke, stretch limo after stretch limo after stretch limo drove by the memorial. One of the speakers commented on this... how these people are here in DC to party and live it up, while they are totally oblivious to the pain this president's policies have brought.After the military families spoke, we started reading the names of the American troops and Iraqi civilians who have been killed in this war. The people who were doing the readings were planned in advance, but they could not find them in time, so I got to read the names of the US troops from Arizona. I did the best I could with some of the names (some I didn't know how to pronounce) but the common English and Spanish names I had no trouble with, and I acted confident on the pronunciation of the non-typical names. I read out their ages too.... age 19, age 20, age 26, age 21, age 19, .... my God, they were so young. And again, limo after limo after limo drove by.... endlessly, it seemed. Some Americans have so much wealth, and no hesitation about spending on frivolous things on themselves, while others suffer so much. And they are blind to this reality.Then I went back to lighting the candles that had been blown out by the wind. This reminded me of the last antiwar protest before the war started. It was on Sunday evening in March, and it was a prayer vigil. I remember standing at Vance Monument and singing "Give Peace a Chance" and relighting the candles. I remember at that point in time listening to the song "Lay Down Candles in the Rain".... and feeling it was so hopeless to stop this madness. Now, almost two years later, I mark the deaths of the US troops and the innocent Iraqis in this war. And I listen to, and cry with, the US parents who lost their young children forever..... while those children were only trying to serve their country. They were misled and misused by the current administration.It brings tears to my eyes, as I continue to lay down candles in the rain. The rain is the tears of those who lost their loved ones.

Good morning...
my friend Susan sent me this letter.
well i can see the other side of great America.
the poor people who are the parents of soliders being killed in the war of Iraq.
and the celebration for re-election of presedent Bush.
as im seeing a familier movie...Saddam hussien and poor iraqi families who had lost their sons in his wars against Iran and Kuwait for his own agenda, and telling Iraqis its for their dignity.
i can see the history is repeating itself always,but in another place.

The Dangerous Gold Star Families

Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld continues to astound us Gold Star Families with his heartlessness, callousness and disrespect in the faces of our children who are being killed in the mindless invasion and occupation of Iraq.

I am one of the founding members of a group called Gold Star Families for Peace. Some of us families who have lost loved ones in this illegal and immoral war in Iraq have organized to use our collective voices to bring the tragedy of war to the fore front of America’s hearts and souls like it so tragically is in ours. We families are amazed that so few of our fellow citizens are touched by the horrors of the invasion and occupation of a sovereign country. It seems to us like the only people who are asked to sacrifice anything for the war effort are our brave young men and women fighting this so-called war and their families. There are some families in our nation like us, that have paid the ultimate price for the lies and betrayals of this current administration.

I, and some other Gold Star Families, have been writing and calling the Department of Defense for over three weeks. We were all meeting in DC to protest the inauguration and we thought it would be a good time to meet with Donald Rumsfeld. We have many questions to ask him about our loved ones’ deaths and we deserve to have some answers. I think it is our right as Americans and grieving families to have these answers. For example, why were the children of this country sent to fight a war without the proper training, equipment or armor? Why were our children sent to fight a war that had no basis in reality? Why are American children still over there fighting a war, and dying in a war, when all the reasons for the war have been proven false? When is this administration going to bring the rest of our children home before it’s too late for their families?

If we were granted an audience with him, we didn’t really expect Mr. Rumsfeld to be truthful with us or even polite to us considering his past history of being so sarcastically untruthful and blatantly rude. The real reason I wanted to meet with Rumsfeld was so he could see the face of my son, Spc Casey Sheehan, who was killed in Sadr City on 04/04/04. I wanted him to look me in the face and see my red swollen eyes and to see all the lines that grief has etched. I wanted him to see the unbearable pain his ignorance and arrogance has caused me and my family. I wanted him to know that his actions have terrible consequences.

Our letters, phone calls, faxes, and e-mails to the Pentagon were to no avail: we received no response. So in conjunction with Military Families Speak Out (MFSO) we decided to go to the Pentagon and try and meet with someone, anyone. We were met at the parking lot by a couple of dozen of police officers blocking our way. We were told that we weren’t allowed to go into the Pentagon because we didn’t go through the proper protocol to request a meeting!!

I find it so ironic that with all the tight security for the events in DC this week that enough time and energy was mustered to stop families in mourning so forcefully at the Pentagon. I also find it ironic that if I were a wealthy Republican who had donated large sums of money for the “re”-election of the President, I could have had access to all the big wigs at the lavish parties…but I, whose son paid the ultimate price of his precious life to this country, can’t even get within a half of a mile from the man who sent him to die.

We Gold Star Families for Peace are not giving up the fight to hold someone in this administration accountable for the quagmire in Iraq and the more important struggle to bring the rest of our children home from this devastating occupation now. It takes most of our energy just to get out of our beds in the morning and mourn our horrific losses. We need all Americans to wake up and start lobbying their elected officials for an end to this immorality in Iraq and to join our voices in protest.

Gold Star Families for Peace:
Cindy Sheehan:

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