Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Dear one, I am another mother who has lost her son in Iraq on June 22 2004, I just return from the Iraqi border and Amman, I was with the Peace delegation that arrived in Amman the 27 of December. We came to bring $600,000 of medical supply for the children of Felluja. I wanted to meet with other mothers, who have lost someone and suffered. Our group wants peace, the military out of Iraq, We want the war to stop now!! I will be back in a few months to start a project for Iraqi refugees, women and children, in Amman. I don't like what our government is doing to people...Most of our group is telling the truth on the situation in Iraq by giving presentations cross country and Europe. Many people in this country are against the war but only a few know the truth...

Nadia McCaffrey, InService Because I Care. Founder of the Angelstaff Volunteer. Founder and ChairPerson of Changing The Face of Life, a 501c3 a Charitable NonProfit Corporation. Founder of the San Francisco-Bay chapter for IANDS. Home: 209-830 9955 cell: 209-814 7182 Mother of Sergeant Patrick McCaffrey, 34, father of 2 young children. An American Patriot, fallen in an ambush near Balad, Iraq, June 22, 2004. Patrick is the first combat death in 58 years history of the California National Guard's 579 Engineer Battalion, based in Petaluma, Ca. "Casualty" 848 *** *** Story of the week (August 20)

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