Monday, May 15, 2006

Hello Faiza
I am glad you made it home OK.
Right now I am in Washington with Code Pink we had Mother's Day Vigil (24 hrs) in the park in front of the White House (House of Shame!!).
I am writing you from computers in some office.
I miss you very much too, but I hope one day we meet in Iraq with out fear and with free and Peaceful Iraqis.
I am trying to organize this Refugee organization with Nadia (A Mother who lost her Only son in Iraq), also to fund raise for the Orphan girls and Refugees in Turkey (Which I have worked with for few years now).
America's Policies always make more victims around the world, so you and I and Many others are going around to see if we can do something. I know we are doing it well but there is So Much!!!
I wish ALL of you Beautiful Mom's from Iraq were here with me to Tell Laura Bush what Really Mother is especially in Middle East!!!
With lots of love and respect,

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