Monday, January 17, 2005

well,hello all.
I have got this email from my old friend Joanna from France.
she told me she was practicing a play about our blog, a family in Baghdad,and our dairies.
well I can see now she has achieved her dream.
thank you my dear friend, for what you are doing to help Iraqi peolpe ,and let others hear our voice.


Faiza hullo once again !
Finally last night the play was performed in front of a small (test) public in my theater !!!
My friend the actress who plays you (and also a sort of witness) was overwhelmingly convincing . People , all french and from all different social categories have declared how moved they were and after the "show" send all a very special message of solidarity, support and comprehension (especially the women) to you
.A young girl was crying when she realised it was not a fiction . She said :" I thought this was a play , but it is actually happening and my blood is frozen ..."Some pictures and a short clip will be made out of yesterday's performance ... I am hoping to use that to force my way into Paris and have your message spoken there ... It will take time obviously , I am not a big producer , I am "only" a clown myself . But I think I have found the right balance between your reality and the staging of it , in order to convey the emotions without "cheap theatrical tricks" ...Somehow I will find a way to send you those images when I get them ... It is the least I can do .Marie Gwenn , the actress , sends her love . This whole process is very new to us all . It is ongoing and I will keep in touch . All the best Faiza ...

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