Friday, June 11, 2004

Good afternoon again...
when I`m talking against America, or putting emails talking in the same direction..
it doesn`t mean I HATE American people...
NO, I don`t mean that..
I`m against the bad leaders , bad planning, bad policy...
and there is Americans who are thinking in this way...
it doesen`t mean they are not patriotic..
yes, I believe that good days had gone...and good leaders had gone
but we can still keep fighting to make beautiful life for all..
not just live as closed eyes humans..saying all the time that every thing is going perfect...
in fact we all know that is not true...
not every thing is going perfect..
there is cheating and lying and oppression...all over the world..
and we have to help each others..
we have to keep our minds opened, and our eyes..
thank you

Dear... mother?, (I dont know what else to call you--I dont know you well
enough to call you Faiza)

I apologize for my ill-mannered countrymen. We are a young nation, deep in
that awful time between childhhod and adulthood... You possibly remember
when your sons became 14, and they suddenly knew everything, and then became
contemptuous of those who didnt see like them... And became sullen and
sometimes violent when you pointed out problems in the way they think.
Maybe you were spared that experience of your children, but I'm sure youre
familiar with the way of thinking of the young, and the arrogant, and the
foolish, and the violent. Well, that's us. Sometimes I wonder if the dark
side of my country has obliterated what good qualities we have. But we do
have good qualities! I know it's hard to remember in days like these, but
we can be wildly creative, and loving, and original, and irreverent , and
self-mocking, and courageous, and kind... But it's true that at the moment
the America I love--the America of Mark Twain and John Coltrane and Benjamin
Franklin--feels as though it's being drowned in some poisonous lake.
Religious extremists, and lawyers and liars and the power-mad are speaking
the loudest these days--with their guns and radios and what I can only
describe as a hatred for life. But there are many like me, who hate the
haters, and we are fighting them. I know this must seem a kind of abstract
statement, and undoubtedly is a small consolation for the pain youre facing.
But I promise you that the mean-spirited and the violent are not the only
residents of the United States of America, and that those of us who remember
how to love are with you. I wish you peace, and hope, and promise you that
there are many many tens of millions of Americans who feel just as I do, and
we are fighting to remove this Bushy crop of life-haters from their position
of power before too long. It's a difficult battle, because the simple
language of hate and destruction is seductive to so many, and the more
difficult path of love and understanding is so demanding. But we are
fighting, many more of us than you or I can dream. This is a fight that
sensible people of every nation and creed are fighting, and must fight, as
the forces of darkness and hatred emerge to their full height around the
world--The forces of greed, and bigotry, and self-righteousness, and fear.
Together--you, me, open-thinking people the world over-- we will defeat
them, the haters, and together, maybe we can make a world where our children
will know peace.

Thank you for your courage and kindness and honesty, and I salute you


Los Angeles, CA

Good afternoon...
well, I was busy in the last two days..
reading the emails I had received from my readers..
it was about 90 email, and most of them were long..
so, I have to read and understand the point of view, then most of the times I made reply..
I want to keep this strong relation between my readers and me..
even the angry one , I have to answer him, I try to make friends not enemies
and I believe we are all the same, and we have to work hard and hard to minimize
the gap between our people and others...

about Raed and his CIVIC NGO...
yes, it was realy hard days...
I wrote a blog about those days, in March
but no body helped me in translation..
so, I`ll put it again in arabic and english , just to give you an idea about how
we lived that days...
and I`m going to write my new blog..
I feel happy , I have lot of friends...even we have different ways of thinking ..
but that is better than being selfish or close-minded..
yes, you could help me, and may be I can help you..
to have the real face of truth, about what is happening in the world...
it`s our small world..
our children, and grandchildren world...
we hope they `ll live in peace and stability...
no more more innocent victimes..

Thursday, June 10, 2004

hi, this is Raed,

I would like to thank my great American friend, Michael Richardson, a writer and graphic designer from Northampton, MA, USA, for his great effort, and for the time he spent designing the IRAQI CIVILIAN WAR CASUALTIES website. Michael emailed me some weeks ago offering to help me complete this great humanitarian job that started one year ago.

I was the country director of the first (and maybe only) door-to-door civilian casualties survey. Marla Ruzika was my American partner, the fund raiser, and the general director of CIVIC. Unfortunately, she didn't have the chance to publish the final results until now.

I decided to publish my copy of the final results of the Iraqi civilian casualties in Baghdad and the south of Iraq on the 9th of this month in respect to the big effort of the 150 volunteers who worked with me and spent weeks of hard work under the hot sun of the summer, in respect for Majid my brother who spent weeks arranging the data entry process, and in respect to the innocent souls of those who died because of irresponsible political decisions.

Thousands were killed and injured.

Each one of these thousands has a life, memories, hopes. Each one had his moments of sadness, moments of joy and moments of love.

In respect to their sacred memory, I would appreciate it if you could spend some minutes reading the database file when I publish them, read their names, and their personal details, and think about them as human beings, friends, and relatives -- not mere figures and numbers.

I led the volunteers in their work in Baghdad, and the nine cities of the south: Karbala, Hilla, Najaf, Diwanyya, Simawa, Nasryya, Basra, Kut and Amara through my weekly visits. I went to the north for a couple of times, and arranged some smaller-scale surveys.

The survey teams were from the local areas: I made sure to create homogenous groups that reflected the ethnical, religious and gender ratios of the targeted regions. And I designed the survey form, all of which relied on my scientific background I gained from my M.Sc. researches, and relied on the very cooperative spirits of the volunteers and of the Iraqi families. We preferred not to include the military casualties to give our survey a civilian perspective.
Civilian: everyone killed outside the battlefield, even if his original job was military (e.g. a soldier killed in his house is a civilian). Military: everyone killed while fighting in a battle, even if his original job was a civic one (e.g. an engineer killed while fighting as a Fidaee) We had primitive and simple tools of research, yet I believe our survey is creditable and accountable.

Thank you again Michael, it wouldn’t be possible to announce this survey without your magnificent work.

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Good morning...
I have got 52 emails this morning in my mailbox...
I really have no time to read them all today...but I checked some of them, they were as usual, some from angry Americans... and some encouraging emails... fortunately, no more poisoned emails, thank God...
I noticed that when any Iraqi blogger writes agaist saddam and his days, or against
baath party, the Americans become very happy to read that...
and if the same blogger starts to write agaist the policy of America in Iraq, those same americans become angry and start sending him hate mails, and tell him that they`ll not read his blogs anymore.
well, that`s realy sad.
it means they are like Saddam... have one and only one point of view, and if you make an become the enemy.
for that, I started to think that freedom and democracy is a lie...
even for the people living in western countries... they also have the same rude way in thinking or judging things...
I feel sad and disappointed because of that...
That gap means we need decades to understand each others...
Anyway, I`ll wait, may be the change is coming soon, and the gap will be vanished...


as I mentioned in my last blog...removing the wall between the airport highway, and the residential areas around it, will bring more violence, and hurts more civilians.
today morning, somebody launched several RPGs against a US convoy that was heading to the airport.
my fear is, that the US forces will face the Iraqi resistance in those areas next times, by shooting back in dense, which means more victims of Iraqi civilians.

I will write a blog tomorrow about the new UN resolution about Iraq.
now i will go and take care of my sweet innocent lovely children.
hope you nice day.....

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Good morning...
this is one of the emails I have received this morning...
thank you my dear friend...

America took over your nation because they want what belongs to you and your
children. The believe they have some devine right to own you and your
natural resources. America's democracy is as authentic as the one you are
about to have imposed on your country. Americans are as delusional about the
realities of their own political system as they are about your culture and
customs. They are brainwashed by a giant media system that feeds them lie
after lie. CNN is known around the world as nothing more than another
American Rag Magazine.

Saddam was a horrible dictator, but there are many of those throughout the
world that America won't touch. Why? Because there is no profit in it. The
oil benieth your soil is motive enough for America to kill your children and
dominate your nation under a guise of lies. Your nation will be drenched in
the same pathetic propaganda that dominates the minds and souls of millions
of westerners. I live in Canada, and we have the same problem. Children grow
up absorbing the American media, and begin to think like them.

America did not enter your country to save your people, they don't show the
death and destruction they have caused in their newspapers or on their TVs.
This is done so Americans will believe what they are doing is GOOD. It all
comes down to money. The American media told the people that your nation was
responsible for the attacks on their twin towers, and that Saddam had
weapons that threatened Americans. That was enough for them to support the
take-over you now live under. Money does all the talking in America. That is
what you must understand about Western Civilization. We are very sick. And
we are continuing to poison the minds of millions of people around the
world. Brainwashing people into thinking Soda Pops are "Cool", or that you
need 1,000 ring tones on your cell phone to be happy. It all comes down to
money and things, not people like you. Americans don't know that Iraqi
people are good people and normal. They have been taught that you are
"savages" and "uncivilized". Educated people who don't listen to propaganda
know this isn't true, but we are few and far between.

I am sorry you are caught in this web of lies.

Monday, June 07, 2004

Saturday, 5th. June, 2004

Good evening… It is now the afternoon in Baghdad, the weather is hot, the electricity is off, only the generator is buzzing outside…
We are looking for some good news… and who wouldn't want to hear the good news?? But unfortunately, looking for it is very hard these days…
Today I saw some workers of the Municipality of Baghdad painting the street curbs in black and yellow. I stood by one and asked if he would be here tomorrow, for I want to take a photograph of you?
He laughed and asked: Are you a journalist? I laughed but didn't answer.
He said: You might find me tomorrow, or you might not, for we are supposed to work on many sites in Baghdad, far fetched from each other.
I do hope I would see him again, so that I would put his photo on the site.
Just imagine how frustrating our lives are, making us feel happy by the mere sight of painted curbs in the street. It is a very small matter, but to our lives, our many disappointments, we find it a good start to the accomplishments we hope will grow and show-up, so that we could rebuild our cities, our lives, and our souls… all over again.
When I got back from work, tired and hungry, I found the airport road closed, so I was stuck in the traffic jam, the car fumes, the loud air horns of trucks, the shouting of pedestrian salesmen, and, the terrible heat…
I finally got home an hour late, after so much torture, where I lost my appetite. I knew after I got home, by reading the subtitles on T.V., that a Land cruse convoy was attacked while passing through the air port road, and some of the cars were burned. These are almost daily occurrences, and you can't imagine the size of the jam in the streets around the high-way that has been closed. I am seriously thinking now of leaving this house and looking for a new one in another area, safer and closer to my work. It will be summer soon, and I can't put up with the heat, and this daily ordeal…
Between the airport road and the residential areas surrounding it, there was a cement-block wall built during the 1980's. Two days ago, the American military shovels hit that wall, and destroyed parts of it. The people came, along with many trucks, pick-ups, even small cars, and carried the blocks away to other places, for sell or personal use, for it belonged to no-one now…
Why did they demolish a wall a few kilometers long??
Because some people hide behind it and shoot the coalition troops, through small gaps in the wall, while they wouldn't be able to shoot back.
Now, the whole area is clear, and anyone aiming at them, will be shot at, randomly… even on the residential area, so, let civilians die, or get wounded, let houses be damaged. We might even see on newspapers, the picture of a woman, crying, mourning a dead family member, or a demolished house…
A few days ago, after the declaration of the new government, there were some students studying at an old café’ overlooking the river Tigris, at the Al-Karkh district, called Al-Bayruti café’… every year, Khalid and his friends go to study there, where they gather, and stay late at night. Usually students from poor familes go there, because they don’t have generators at home. And as the café’ has one, it means providing them with electricity, cold water, tea, coffee, and light to study till morning. This year, I have forbidden Khalid from going there, because it was very far away, and the situation unstable.
Last Wednesday night, some students were there, studying, around 10 p.m., and there was a American tank standing in the street near the café’. There are some large gardens, with heavy shrubs and palm trees on the opposite side, from which a missile was fired upon the tank. The soldier turned around, and opened fire on the café’, killing some students, and wounding some more. A part of the café’ was destroyed.
Funiral parlors were set up at the victims houses the next day…. So, instead of going to the exam halls, these innocent people went to early graves….
The question is : who is responsible about such conduct? And to whome the victim’s relatives would complain?
The American soldier would kill any Iraqi civilian in front of him, as revenge from those who bother him, and shoot upon him.
The Iraqi people always pay the price…
The American media always say that this soldier has come all this way to sacrifice his life for Iraq and the Iraqis.
Oh, yes… I believe that completely, as I see and hear, and as all the Iraqis believe with me…
The truth is : the Iraqi is paying his life for the American.
A hundred victims for one American. As was the case in Fallouja.
How many hundreds of Iraqis died, paying the price of the foolishness of a few? Why are we the cheapest item in the bargin? Bush and America would feel sad when they recive the body of an American soldier who died in Iraq. What about us??? What do we do about the bodies of our victims?????
It is as if the coalition forces are telling the Iraqis: we will keep on killing you, wounding you, and destroying your houses as long as you resist us. As for the explosions that kill Iraqi victims, Ah, well…, we don’t know who is responsible for them. But their only result is more dead and wounded Iraqis.
The criminal is always un - known….
His identity, and intentions,…. Un-known.
As long as there is an occupying force, the situation will remain complicated, and unsafe…
As quick as these forces withdraw to the outskirts of cities, then outside the cities, then outside of Iraq as a whole, as it would be possible to provide safty and quietness…
And if we ask an innocent question: what is a tank doing inside a residential area??? Waiting, for a bullet or a missile, shot by an un-known, to kill the residents and destroy their houses???
There is a lot of un- necessary foolishness and stubbornness from the coalition forces side. And only the Iraqis pay the price of another’s foolishness…
We do not suppose these forces are there to monitor a night- time watch, for the civilians…
For such a watch could be arranged by the residents themselves, to protect their neighbourhoods, and that’s a small solution to the problem.
A strong Iraqi government, with a wide sovereignty…
A strong Iraqi army, with enough personals and equipment… so with an Iraqi police force ….
This is what Iraq and the Iraqis need… so; whoever wants to help in that, please…go ahead…
The path is clear … the goal is clear…
We don't need any occupation force… killing our youth and children, stepping on the streets of our cities without mercy, crossing over the curbs without any kind of respect to our feelings. If it would have been an Iraqi soldier doing this, we would have said: where did this idiot come from? We would have found somewhere to complain against him. But, this is an American soldier, above questioning and complaints.
And … they say he came to die for you??
Well, thank you, we don’t want you, nor want you to die for us…
Go home in peace…
And let us posses the chance to live peacefully, as all other nations on earth…
Bush is in Europe today, in France and Italy.
He says the forces will remain in Iraq, by consent of the temporary government.
This government will remain in office untill the end of the American elections. This government, on which Bush is placing, bets, to give him a recommendation. To declear that he has accomplished the task of the American forces in Iraq in the best possible way.
While we, the Iraqi people, want this government to achive all that is good to the people.
We want independence as soon as possible… we want the occupying forces out of our lands.
It is clear that Bush is in agreement with the temporary Iraqi government to let the forces remain in Iraq indefinetly. So he would accomplish the political goals of his own, to save himself from a dark future.
We, on the other hand, want to raise banners saying: Thank you, America, for throwing Saddam Hussain off. Then, we turn the banner to the other side, and read: Get your forces out of Iraq. There is nothing to gain by staying, except Bush’s political interests.
I wish a popular movement would start among Iraqis in this direction. I wish I would be a part of it, and with me all those who love Iraq and the Iraqis…
It is time to be independent, and build our own beautiful country…
A new free independent Iraq..
One hand…one heart…one Iraq
Built by Iraqis, suni, shiaa’, Arabs, kurds, Turkmen, Muslims, Christians, and Baptists…
{translated by May, Baghdad}

good morning...
I have received many strange emails recently that made me feel confused..
I`ll paste one of them, please read it with me...
and please send me an explanation about it...
does the western media tell you these lies about our life?
do you actually believe that Bush's coming to Iraq will bring civilization?
did your media tell you that Iraqis were living in tents and were riding camels?
and do you really think that girls did not go to schools, until the occupation forces entered Iraq, and gave us the freedom to read and learn?
that`s really funny...and really stupid.
I really have to write a long blog about Iraq history, and lives of Iraqis before the war.

thousands of years ago, when nations were new born, Iraq was the leader of the civilization on earth... Iraqis invented the writing, the first wheel, the stamps, and a list of an endless inventions and achievements.

and in beginning of the 20th century, there was not much difference... my engineering college was established at 1936
and even in that time, girls and boys attended schools, and women and men attended universities to study.

is there any updated information about Iraq's culture and life in public libraries or in universities?? does the western media gives any information about life and culture of Iraq in the past 50 years?

who is telling all those lies about Iraqis, Arabs, and Muslims?

who is disfiguring our reputation? and why?

send me an answer if you have...or let the question go around the universe.


Dear Faiza,
I want to thank you for your blog. It's good to hear your "voice" as a mother, a business owner and a woman in Iraq.
I have been reading Iraqi blogs since a few months into the war.
(I even bought Raed's book!)
At first, some of my co-workers insisted they were all fakes or
propaganda. These are the same people who thing George Bush is a good speaker ... sure, if you don't listen to him, but only read the cleaned-up version of what he supposedly meant to say!
Every time I hear of another explosion in Baghdad I have to check on you and the others to be sure you're OK. Even though you don't know me, I feel it's almost like I have distant relatives there. I worry about you, your family, Riverbend, etc.
I work for a newspaper, and the letters to the editor are almost funny if they weren't arguing about something so sad.
One writer criticized the U.S. for destroying schools, hospitals, power stations, water systems, etc. Another wrote back that the first writer must apologize to the troops "trying to free the people."
He also says these are the improvements the U.S. has made in Iraq:
"Electricity at a higher level and more reliable, clean fresh water more abundant, more schools open with more and better supplies, more hospitals open and supplied with medications and operating rooms. All this is better than were available after 35 years under Saddam."
As one who lives there, would you say this is true?
Another popular letter that seems to be copied a lot is this list:
"- Over 4.5 million people have clean drinking water for the first time ever in Iraq.
- Over 400,000 kids have up-to-date immunizations.
- Over 1,500 schools have been renovated and rid of the weapons that were stored there so education can occur.
- The port of Uhm Qasar was renovated so grain can be offloaded from ships faster.
- School attendance is up 80 percent from levels before the war.
- The country had its first 2 billion barrel export of oil in August.
- The country now receives 2 times the electrical power it did before the war.
- 100 percent of the hospitals are open and fully staffed compared to 35 percent before the war.
- Elections are taking place in every major city and city councils are in place.
- Sewer and water lines are installed in every major city.
- Over 60,000 police are patrolling the streets.
- Over 100,000 Iraqi civil defense police are securing the country.
- Over 80,000 Iraqi soldiers are patrolling the streets side by side with US soldiers.
- Over 400,000 people have telephones for the first time ever.
- Students are taught field sanitation and hand washing techniques to prevent the spread of germs.
- An interim constitution has been signed.
- Girls are allowed to attend school for the first time ever in Iraq.
- Text books that don't mention Saddam are in the schools for the first time in 30 years."
I think it's amazing that you became an engineer without ever being allowed to attend school! Ha!
I'm sorry this letter is so long. I hope you have time to read it.
Please keep writing; we need to hear your unique voice.

Mary Lutz, from Fort Ann (small town in the mountains in New York State)

Sunday, June 06, 2004

Good morning..
I have put new pictures for the link ....
and new post here..
tomorrow I`ll put the translation inshalla...
hope you all nice day.

السبت 5 حزيران
مساء الخير...
الوقت الآن عصرا في بغداد...الجو حار , والكهرباء مقطوعة, والمولدة تدور في الخارج..
ونبحث عن الأخبار السارة...
من لا يحب سماع الأخبار السارة؟
ولكن للأسف , ابحث عنها بصعوبة في ايامنا هذه...
رأيت عمالا من أمانة بغداد يصبغون أطراف الأرصفة باللون الأصفر والأسود...
توقفت عنده وسألته, هل ستأتي غدا ؟
اريد أن التقط لك صورة...
ضحك العامل وتساءل, هل انت صحفية؟
ضحكت ولم اجب...
قال ربما تجديني غدا أو لا...مطلوب منا تنفيذ مواقع معينة في بغداد, ومتباعدة عن بعضها...
اتمنى أن اراه ثانية...لأضع الصورة على الموقع...
تصوروا مقدار الإحباط الذي نعيشه, والذي يجعلنا نفرح لمجرد رؤية طلاء الرصيف في الشارع..
هو موضوع تافه , لكنه بالنسبة لحياتنا واحباطاتنا, نجده بداية انجازات نتمنى ان تكبر وتظهر,
لتعيد بناء مدننا وحياتنا ونفوسنا....من جديد .
عندما عدت من العمل , متعبة وجائعة, وجدت طريق المطار مغلقا, وعلقت في الإزدحام ودخان السيارات
والأبواق الهوائية للشاحنات, وصراخ الباعة المتجولين, والحر الشديد...
ووصلت البيت بعد ساعة من العذاب حيث فقدت شهيتي للغداء...
وعرفت بعد وصولي , ومن قراءة السبتايتل على التلفزيون, ان قافلة سيارات لاند كروزر تمر عبر طريق المطار , قد تعرضت لإعتداء, واحترق عدد منها....
هذه حوادث شبه يومية...
ولا يوصف الإزدحام في الشوارع حول الطريق السريع الذي تم اغلاقه....
افكر جديا في ترك هذا البيت والبحث عن بيت في منطقة أخرى, اكثر أمانا, وأقرب الى محل عملي...
سيأتي الصيف والجو الحار ولا أحتمل هذا العذاب اليومي...
بين طريق المطار والمناطق السكنية المحيطة به, يوجد جدار من البلوك الإسمنتي تم بناءه منذ الثمانينات,
وقبل يومين تقدمت الجرافات العسكرية الأمريكية , وضربته, وهدمت اجزاء منه, فجاء الأهالي , وجاءت شاحنات وبكبات وسيارات صغيرة, وتم نقله الى اماكن اخرى للبيع أو الإستعمال الشخصي لبعض الناس,
حيث اصبح مثل مشاع للجميع...
لماذا هدم الحائط الذي طوله عدة كيلومترات؟
لأنه يوجد من يختبيء خلفه ويستهدف قوات التحالف من فتحة صغيرة, فلا يقدروا على الرد عليه...
الآن , المنطقة اصبحت مكشوفة كلها, والذي يستهدفهم, سيطلقون النار عشوائيا ضده, وعلى الأحياء السكنية
فيموت من يموت, ويجرح من يجرح, وتنهدم البيوت, وربما طلعت على الصحف صورة امرأة تبكي أحد أفراد عائلتها الذي قتل , أو بيتها الذي تهدم .....
قبل أيام, اي بعد اعلان الحكومة الجديدة, كان ثمة طلاب يدرسون في مقهى قديم يقع على نهر دجلة,
جهة الكرخ, اسمه مقهى البيروتي...
كل سنة يذهب خالد واصدقاؤه للدراسة هناك, حيث يجتمعون , ويبقون لوقت متأخر في المقهى...
ويلجأ اليه عادة الطلاب من الطبقات الفقيرة الذين لا يملكون مولدات في بيوتهم....
في المقهى مولدة, يعني كهرباء وماء بارد وشاي وقهوة ودراسة حتى الصباح...
هذه السنة منعت خالد من الذهاب لأن الأجواء غير آمنه, والمسافة بعيدة...
مساء الأربعاء الماضي, كان الطلاب يدرسون, والوقت ليلا, بعد العاشرة مساء..
ثمة دبابة امريكية تقف في الشارع...قريبة من المقهى..
وثمة بساتين في الجهة المقابلة...جاءت منها قذيفة صوب الدبابة....
فاستدار الجندي , واشعل النيران صوب المقهى وقتل من الطلاب عددا , وجرح منهم عددا آخر...
وتهدم جزء من المقهى...
واقيمت بيوت العزاء في بيوت الضحايا صباح اليوم التالي...
بدل الذهاب لقاعة الإمتحان...ذهبوا للقبور...
السؤال هو..
من المسؤول عن هذه التصرفات؟
ولمن يلجأ أهالي الضحايا بالشكوى؟؟
الجندي الأمريكي , يقتل اي مدني عراقي امامه, لينتقم ممن ازعجه وأطلق عليه قذيفة..
العراقيون يدفعون الثمن دائما...
وسائل الإعلام الأمريكية تقول ان هذا الجندي جاء ليضحي بحياته من اجل العراق والعراقيين...
نعم اصدق هذا تماما...كما ارى واسمع...وكما يصدق العراقيون معي..
والحقيقة ان العراقي يدفع حياته ثمنا ليعيش الأمريكي...
بل مئات من الضحايا من اجل واحد...
كما حدث في الفلوجة؟
كم مئة من العراقيين ماتوا ليدفعوا ثمن حماقة فئة قليلة؟
ولماذا نحن البند الرخيص في الصفقة...وبوش وأميركا تتألم حين يدخلها نعش جندي أميركي مات في العراق
ونحن...ما نفعل بنعوش ضحايانا؟؟
كأن قوات التحالف تقول للعراقيين , سنظل نقتلكم ونجرحكم ونهدم بيوتكم ما دام فيكم من يقاوم..
أما التفجيرات التي يذهب ضحاياها من العراقيين , فلا نعلم من هو المسؤول عنها..
لكنها بالنتيجة...مزيد من القتلى والجرحى العراقيين...
والفاعل دائما مجهول...
مجهول النية والهوية..
ما دام هنالك قوات احتلال, سيظل الوضع معقدا وغير آمن...
كلما كان هنالك سرعة بسحب هذه القوات الى أطراف المدن, ثم خارجها...ثم خارج العراق..
كلما امكن توفير الهدوء والأمان..
سؤال بريء: ماذا تفعل الدبابة بين الأحياء السكنية؟؟
تنتظر طلقة او قذيفة, تطلق من مجهول, لتقتل اهل الحي وتهدم بيوتهم؟
ثمة حماقة وعناد لا مبرر له....من قوات التحالف
والعراقيون وحدهم يدفعون ثمن حماقات غيرهم....
لا تظن ان هذه القوات تقوم بحراسات ليلية للأهالي..
ممكن اقامة حراسات ليلية من ابناء المنطقة لحمايتها...هذا حل صغير للمشكلة .
حكومة عراقية قوية ذات سلطات واسعة...
وجيش عراقي قوي بمعدات وافراد.. وكذلك شرطة عراقية
هذا ما يحتاجه العراق والعراقيون....
فمن يريد المساعدة, يتفضل ...
الطريق واضح...والهدف واضح...
ولا نريد قوات احتلال...
تهدم بيوتنا...وتقتل شبابنا واطفالنا, وتدوس شوارع مدننا بلا رحمة, تعبر فوق الأرصفة بلا احترام لمشاعرنا..
لو كان الذي يفعل هذا جندي عراقي لقلنا من اين جاء هذا الغبي الذي لا يفهم ؟؟
ولوجدنا مكانا نشتكي ضده...
لكنه جندي امريكي...فوق مستوى السؤال والمحاسبة...
ويقولون انه جاء ليموت من اجلكم...
شكرا, لا نريدك, ولا نريد ان تموت من اجلنا...
ارجع الى بلدك بسلام...
ودعنا نملك فرصة العيش بسلام , كغيرنا من شعوب الأرض ....
بوش اليوم في اوروبا...في فرنسا وايطاليا.
يقول ان القوات ستظل في العراق برضى الحكومة المؤقتة..
هذه الحكومة التي ستظل حتى تنجز الإنتخابات الأمريكية
هذه الحكومة التي يراهن بوش عليها لتعطيه التزكية..
لتقول انه انجز مهمة القوات الأمريكية في العراق تماما بأحسن شكل...
بينما نحن الشعب العراقي نريد من هذه الحكومة ان تنجز ما فيه الخير للعراقيين..
ونريد الإستقلال بأسرع وقت ممكن..
ونريد خروج قوات الإحتلال من أراضينا....
وواضح ان بوش متفق مع الحكومة العراقية المؤقتة على بقاء القوات حتى أجل غير مسمى...
ليتم تحقيق أهداف سياسية تهمه وتنقذه من مصير مظلم...
ونحن نريد ان نرفع لافتات تقول : شكرا لأمريكا لأنها أسقطت صدام حسين...
ثم نقلب اللافته, ونقرأ : اخرجوا قواتكم من العراق, فلا فائدة من بقائها سوى خدمة مصالح سياسية لبوش.
اتمنى ان تبدا حركة شعبية من العراقيين بهذا الإتجاه...
واتمنى أن أشارك فيها...ويشارك معي كل من يحب العراق والعراقيين...
آن الأوان ان نستقل ونبني وطننا الجميل...
عراقا جديدا حرا مستقلا...
يد واحدة...قلب واحد....عراق واحد...
يبنيه عراقيون,من سنة وشيعة, وعرب وأكراد وتركمان, ومسلم ومسيحي وصابئي...

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