Friday, June 11, 2004

Good afternoon...
well, I was busy in the last two days..
reading the emails I had received from my readers..
it was about 90 email, and most of them were long..
so, I have to read and understand the point of view, then most of the times I made reply..
I want to keep this strong relation between my readers and me..
even the angry one , I have to answer him, I try to make friends not enemies
and I believe we are all the same, and we have to work hard and hard to minimize
the gap between our people and others...

about Raed and his CIVIC NGO...
yes, it was realy hard days...
I wrote a blog about those days, in March
but no body helped me in translation..
so, I`ll put it again in arabic and english , just to give you an idea about how
we lived that days...
and I`m going to write my new blog..
I feel happy , I have lot of friends...even we have different ways of thinking ..
but that is better than being selfish or close-minded..
yes, you could help me, and may be I can help you..
to have the real face of truth, about what is happening in the world...
it`s our small world..
our children, and grandchildren world...
we hope they `ll live in peace and stability...
no more more innocent victimes..

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