Saturday, July 21, 2007


Emails I have received from Iraq .....

Peace be upon you…
These are samples of the Iraqi's suffering in their own country, recorded here for history, so we can remember what the occupation did to us.
These are live testimonies from inside Iraq, now.............

Email No. 1 ,from Baghdad:

Good morning, my dear lady:
At last I managed to get out of the house. In the last four days there were daily clashes in Al-Adamiyah, causing most secondary streets to close down, as for the main streets, they are almost always closed, and most people who work outside get to their houses around 5 pm, through one outlet (in and out of Al-Adamiyah) subjected to a slow search procedure.
Yesterday they targeted and hit a humvee vehicle on the main street, around 11 am, so the Americans put a post at the street's end and started shooting every passer by in our smaller streets. They hit five pedestrians, who all died, including an old man who was out shopping and a young boy on a bicycle. They kept bleeding till death under the watchful eyes of people who gathered around the corner, and they shot at everyone who tried to get to them. We opened the doors of our houses and brought in the people who couldn't get to their homes, until the afternoon. Things remained like this until around 6.30 pm, then the shooting resumed, they hit two more people and one of them died. Then the ambulance arrived, and they shot at it too.
After about half an hour, they permitted the ambulance and the morgue car to enter.
Today Al-Adamiyah as a whole is closed to the outside, and traffic through "Anter Square" is not allowed, under orders of direct shooting, (as the soldiers who stood guard there said). So, everybody went back home, and God knows how long it will last this time.
I take God as my aid, for there is no power, no might, and no hope, but by Him.

Email No. 2,from Al-Kut , south-east from Baghdad

Dear Um Raid:
Peace be upon you, with God's mercy, and his blessings…
Regarding the information you requested from me about the displaced people from Baghdad; today, since morning and until about 4.30 pm, I was in a field round concerning them, but the battery of my camera ran out so I couldn't send the photos with this e-mail. But after my tour around the province in general I found that the total and actual number of the displaced is (1180) families. We visited some of these famines in the places listed here by:
1- the center of the province- as follows:

a- Al-Kut amusement park- the number of families there is ninteen families, a total of 46 people residing there, the rest of the families went out to camps in other locations.
b- Hay Al-Jawadain town, which is one of the largest gatherings for displaced, number of families there is 185 families, originally from Al-Naser and Abu Ghareeb in Baghdad. They need aid and their conditions are very bad.
c- Al-Thaqalain Hussayniya, at Hay Al-Jamaheer Dist., the number of families is- 120 families.

2- Al- Hussayniya Precinct, Al-Ahrar area in Kut, the number of displaced is- 50 families.
3- Al- Nu'maniya Precinct, Wasit province, number of displaced is-120 families.
4- Al- Hay Precinct, number of displaced is-90 families.
5- Al- Suweara Precinct, number of displaced is-58 families.
6- Al- Azeeziya Precinct, number of displaced is-44 families.

And we noticed some things that were painful and very impressing indeed. While we were in a visit to Hay Al-Jawadain area, the Salvadorian troops came to give them some aid, which were some gifts to the children, but the people burned the gifts in their mud furnaces. When I asked them why, they said- we, Iraqis, do not agree to take aid from foreigners while those nearest to us look at us without helping us, did the dignity of the Iraqis reach that stage, we do not need milk and toys, we need a facility for clean water, we need electric power, and a school for our children, because schools here do not take them, and besides, they are very far.

My thanks to you, I send here a part of the photos, and the rest, tomorrow.

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