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Thursday, June 1st, 2006
Good evening…

After the forming of the new Iraqi government, elected for four coming years, the Iraqi National Speech is beginning to appear clearly, by individuals in the new government, in the Parliament, or the media belonging to them. Or by independent Iraqi people who began to have the courage to talk in a way different from what the former, interim governments used to do, governments that were completely prostrate for the occupation, their speech full of lies, forging truths, and misleading people.
Thank God, the first thread is beginning to appear; the thread of dawn, and I am so happy.
This is what I always used to say; when an Iraqi government, with a least amount of national Unity, is formed, the Iraqis will feel they are stronger, and will start to direct their eyes towards the occupier, seeing his faults, and wondering as to the reason of his existence on the land of Iraq.
This, for example, is the problem of Basra, in the south of Iraq.
For months now, the security conditions deteriorated, and the militia of organized crime spread; killing, robbing, and dislodging families. They fought among themselves to export oil from the Port of Basra, they fought with the Governor of Basra to seize the authority to rule the city from him, and these militia are feared by the Iraqi Police Force in Basra.
Meaning- it is a power higher than the authority of the Governor, the Police, and the heads of tribes there. And they are all of one sect; all are Shia'at militia.
And the question is: who brought those criminals and thieves, and gave them authorities to become the upper power in the city?
No one has an answer, for chaos hit all of Iraq, after Mr. Premer – God bless him- disbanded the Iraqi army, and turned the Iraqi streets into theaters for militias, death groups, and the organized crime, and the Iraqis will keep remembering him till the end of history, remembering his accomplishments and heroic acts, like those of the genius American administration in Iraq, for more than three years now.
And the funny thing in the Basra story is, that there are some 8000 British soldiers there.
What are those lovely people doing there?
They weren't able to stop the violence, the robbing and looting, the sectarian dislodgment committed by the criminal gangs, nor the stealing and smuggling of the Iraqi oil from the Iraqi ports to the neighbors.
And thus the innocent question: What are those British heroes doing here? If they couldn't solve the problems of Basra, then what exactly is their role?
Yesterday, the new Iraqi Premier, with the President's Deputy, went to Basra, and met the Governor, the head of Police, and the heads of tribes. They started preparing a security plan containing a curfew and Iraqi Army check points, so that the Army's dignity would be restored among people. Negotiations are going on about the militia involved in the problems, most of whom are trained by and financed from outside the boarders of Iraq, in order to curb them, and break its control over the city.
This is what we reaped from the occupier's policies.
They tore the country apart, creating for us the atmospheres of violence, killings, sectarianism, militias, and death gangs. In Basra, there is a tremendous percentage of unemployment among the young men, along with the shortages of services; water supply and electricity, a bad financial condition, and a multitude of administrational corruption, and thefts of public funds.
The condition in Basra is but a miniature picture of the conditions in Iraq as a whole.
This is what we reaped from the occupier's policies.
Are they fools, not to know how to run the country?
Or is it their intention to rip the country apart, spread chaos and ruin, then stand up to cry?
I do not exactly know, but whoever announces them innocent from what is happening in Iraq, is one of two- either a fool, or a collaborator.
We cannot believe them to be innocent, and their hands are clean from what is happening in Iraq; the killing, and the destruction, for more than three years now.
The story of the massacre of Hadeetha, and what they did in the small town, fills the news bulletins today.
I don't know how the facts are ignored by the media, and then suddenly, they wake up from a deep sleep, and become humanitarians, crying and feeling sorry for the victims.
When I was in America a month and a half ago, I saw an article in the Daily San Francisco, talking about that incident; about the killing of more than 15 Iraqi civilians, from two families or more, at the hands of Marine soldiers in Hadeetha, as they fired at the heads of the victims, old and young.
At that time, I had a meeting with some university students in San Francisco, and I took the newspaper with me, and told them: Look, these are stories of what the occupation forces are usually doing in Iraq. If there had been a film maker, he would have picked up the incident, and exposed the crime, and the principles would say: Ah, but these are individual actions, and we shall punish them.
Actually- they aren't individual actions; they are a daily recklessness with the souls of the Iraqis. But one of the former interim governments, in collaboration with the occupation, evaluated the Iraqi human life with $2000, between them and the occupation. And so, whenever an Iraqi was killed due to the recklessness of a soldier of the occupation, the problem was solved by paying $2000 for each victim, and that's that.
That's how their crimes were covered up, in collaboration with our dear, former governments, of which history will write black pages, just like their black, shameful acts.
The American administration is now ill at ease to talk about this scandal, promising to start an investigation.
God be Praised; just like they investigated the scandals of Abu Ghareeb, then sentenced the accused to six months, or more, or less.
And what would be the use?
Would they stop committing these shameful acts?

This morning, in Samara, a driver in a civilian car was carrying two Iraqi women in his car, one of them going through labor to give birth, on their way to hospital. The car didn't quite stop at the check point, so they opened fire onto the car. The two women were killed instantly.
This morning on TV, they showed an interview with the miserable driver; he was hysterical, shouting, explaining, talking about the brutality of the occupation soldiers, and how they blew the heads of the victims in his car, ending his talk by saying: God curse the occupation, and whoever brought the occupation upon us…
Oh yes, these are now the curses of the Iraqis, day and night.
And the occupation and those who brought it started to reap the fruits they deserve from the Iraqis; who had had enough of injustice and suffering, and reaped nothing but more losses. Losses that reached up to everything; starting from money and souls, ending with dignity and pride.
What would someone who lost everything do?
Should he give up, and go to sleep?
Or wake up from his slumber to stop the bleeding of losses, and look for the reason of the calamities that befell him?
There are still a lot of dolts from the American people who still support the war on Iraq, considering it as a matter of personal pride for them.
The strange thing is, the American people are two very different kinds. A kind that is very good-natured, peaceful, who love and respect the others, believing in the idea of not interfering into the other's business, and not stealing the other's wealth. This kind I respect very much, and I am proud that I have many friends (men and women) from among them, as if they carry the hearts of Iraqis in their chests, for much they love Iraq, and feel sad about what is happening to its people….
And there is a kind that is hatfule, arrogant, over proud, and mean, believing he is better than others, that others deserve to die so he should live, and deserve to have their wealth robbed, so he could have luxury. You would feel sorry to spit on their faces, lest the spit would get dirty. This reminds me of a sentence my late father, (God bless his soul), used to say, when describing some people who are the meanest possible:
Some people if you hit them with a shoe, the shoe would ask; why do you hit me?
Those fools, with their eyes and ears shut; they do not see, do not hear, and do not comprehend.
And after years of misery for the miserable Iraqis, I discovered that the best solution is to ignore these insects; let them buzz as they like, like flies do around horses.
Those are the flies…
And the horses here are the honest Iraqis, who work day and night, in every possible way, to save their country and countrymen from disasters, and push the occupier out as soon as possible.
We know that the occupier is hanging on to Iraq with his hands, legs, nails, and teeth...
But by the will of God, we shall pluck them out…
And they will get out of Iraq, like it or not
They will get out
It is only a matter of time
And who is the fool who will mourn parting from them?
And like the miserable driver said: God curse them, and whoever brought them upon us….

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