Thursday, June 22, 2006

Dear Debbie
I discovered in my last visit to America, it is not a free country any more.
this government is controling everything , and keeping the people either ignorant or scared to do anything against their policy in Iraq.
they are in crisis, but the change is coming...
good people in America, will make the change on ground
small actions will accumulated to move the mountain
all my best

Dear Faiza,

Most everyday I am emailing a Congressman or Senator or signing petition for the US to pull out of Iraq.
I was involved in a silent vigil last October here in Prescott, AZ.

Arizona is a Republican State. Most people are afraid to get involved in any rally here in fear of losing their jobs. One teacher who taught at the college was found out she was attending the rally and she was told to leave and go back home to Spain. Another man said he lost his job when he attended the last rally and his employer fired him. Jobs are hard to come by anymore.

Faiza, you are a brilliant woman. I admire you so very much. You see through all of the bull our US government does and says. You are very very wise.

I am trying to form a protest rally in our area. Don't let anyone tell you that the US is a free country because I am ready to dispute that. It is not a free country in many ways.

Thank you for listening to me..I had to vent.

Oh, Faiza you and your lovely family and the people of Iraq are in my prayers and on my mind all of the time.

Blessings to you all,

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