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Sunday, April 30th, 2006
Good evening

I arrived in New York two days ago from Washington, where we finished a testimony session in front of the Congress to talk about Iraq, the war on Iraq, and the sufferings of the Iraqis for more than three years now.
Of course, the absence of the (dense) Congress members from the session made me sad, and angry. I asked the present Congress members: Why are the seats of the others empty? I want to meet them and ask them why did they start the war on Iraq, and why did they kill the Iraqis. They must face the responsibility for their actions, they should be here for us to see them.
But- they didn't show up.
And as usual I say: What Is the use of speaking about Iraq, the war on it, and the suffering of the Iraqis in front of people who are against the war and the occupation in the first place?
And what explanation could be given for the Bush-group attitude, those who didn't attend? Was it an embarrassment and a defeat, or an indifference and impertinence?
I think the second probability is the more suitable. They do not care for people's opinion, not in Iraq, nor in America. As long as they hold power, wealth, and decision- making in their hands, why should they care?
This is what the dense people always tell themselves. They forget what the people did to the tyrants who wouldn't listen to them. History is full of stories. But the dense people think they are above everyone.
There will come the day when they will feel regret.
On Saturday we went to join in a massive march against the war on Iraq, demanding the withdrawal of the armies, and returning them home immediately. Some people held banners against the war on Iran too, but the main issue was the war on Iraq.
I saw mothers and fathers of soldiers carrying the pictures of their sons, and demanding their immediate return. I saw former soldiers who served in Iraq; angry and regretful, demanding the withdrawal of the armies from Iraq.
They discovered that the mission there wasn't Noble, and the story of Liberating Iraq was no more than a trick, and a cover for crimes committed against Iraq and the Iraqis for three years, for the special interests of a special faction of thieves, and big companies' owners, like oil and weapons companies, like Halliburton and Bechtel, who have connections with some of the American administration's people. Well, well, well; God bless; what an administration of thieves.
The next day; newspapers ignored the item about the march completely. They didn't show it on their front pages. And on the New York Times, it was published on the 35th page, with a picture of the tail of the march, not its front.
What a media, Praise be to GOD.
Shameful media, just like that in Iraq at the days of Saddam Hussein.
Well then- you puppets; why did you destroy Iraq?
If your media was biased and controlled by the government, if the people were against the government's foreign policy, and the country is full of internal economic problems, Why do you philosophize, and interfere with the affairs of others?
Why don't you fix your own problems first?
New Orleans is still un-built; there is no capital.
The health sector is deteriorating; there are 45 million Americans without social security.
The education sector is deteriorating; there is no governmental backing, there is no money.
What kind of dolts are these?
Why do you steal the people's money, to spend it on the war in Iraq? To kill the Iraqis, and destroy their towns?
What is the credibility of this story?
If they had used that money in constructing Iraq; well then- many thanks.
But they killed the Iraqis, and the Americans' sons.
For what?
Is their a logical explanation?
They laughed upon the Americans; they told them- we liberated Iraq, and the Iraqis are happy, huh…
The Iraqis are dying of that happiness every day;
I mean- by the trapped cars, the organized killing and criminal gangs, and the lovely militia, of every color and type.
Thank you, this is the happy Iraq.
And where did the money of the miserable American people go?
The petrol prices here are moving up, in a manner that bothered the people and made them wonder: why?
Of course, the newspapers cover up and bury the government's disasters. One time they say- these are the mistakes of the production companies, and another they say these are investments. And then Bush appeared and gave the people an advice: Use alternative sources of energy. the American people got angry and said : the alternative energy is more expensive than petrol.
On Fox News (my favorite channel), for it is very funny, for the lying and losers issues in it, washing people's minds. The majority hate it, but there is a minority (the 30% blinds and fools who support Bush) who love that channel. Well; good for them.
Anyway- I saw petrol company owners accusing the government that it is benefiting from the taxes imposed on the increase in petrol prices, taking advantage of the Americans' ignorance. (I liked that remark). The Americans' ignorance. And I said: Hummm, what about the story in Iraq then?? And then they quarreled; the newscaster talking from one side, the government representative from another, and the private company man from a third corner. Then, they showed interviews with the citizens. One miserable man said: well then, where is the Iraqi oil? Didn't you occupy Iraq? How come the prices aren't lower??
Ha,ha,ha. I almost died of laughter. Now this is a good American.
I wanted to say to him: my dear, we in Iraq have been asking the same question for three yeas now, without an answer.
where did the Iraqi oil go? And who are the thieves who stole it?
Now, the truth about the war on Iraq is beginning to be clarified for the Americans.
There is no liberation, and no crap. There is no oil either, and no crap.
What is the story then?
They destroyed Iraq, they ruined everything, their feet are in the middle of the swamp, in the Iraqi mud, and they shout and threaten to hit Iran.
Have you seen fools like these?
Not in any comedy movie, in all my life, have I seen dumber than this administration, stumbling in its follies, and trying to patch up its disasters, in vain.
Gondoleezza Rise and Rumsfeld went to Iraq after the formation of the new government, each raving in their words as they like, and they shook hands in front of the camera, as if they achieved the great victory in Iraq.
Iraq became a ruin, a heap of stones, and they stand happily in front of the cameras to say: Hay, democracy has prevailed in Iraq, and a government of national unity came on at last.
You dolts!
You destroyed Iraq, you ripped it apart, you brought on leaders, most of whom are defective and deformed in their minds, fools, sectarians, bloodthirsty, who are worst than saddam Hussein. And because of them, Iraq has hosts now some 11 armed militias. God bless, God be praised- this is the new, liberated Iraq; killing is free, and the victims are from among all Iraqis, from all the new groups and appellations; Sunnie, Shia'at, Kurd, Arab. The important thing is: are you an Iraqi? Then you deserve to die, and that's that.
Lucky is that who run away with his hide and left the country, but those cry and wail day and night, wanting to go back, waiting every day, uselessly, without a new hope.
I do believe that in the new government, there is a small group of honest, patriotic, and nationalist people, but they are surrounded by corrupt and bad people, the new criminals, and they face great challenges ahead. They struggle day and night to defend what is right, to defend the unjustly-treated. For those I pray to GOD to give them patience, stability, strength, and victory. Our hearts are with them, we elected them, because they are the small sparkle of hope for a shiny Iraqi future. A future that would satisfy us first, before satisfying the foolish occupiers, and the monkeys that run behind them.
But the calamities of Iraq cannot be counted, or comprehended; from the daily killings and the security chaos, to the people detained and imprisoned in occupation prisons, to the stealing of oil and the mafia of thieves from inside the corrupt former government, to the killings of scientific scholars and experts, and thus pushing them to leave the country, the services shortages and daily life difficulties, the threats of the Iranian interference against the Kurds in the north, and the Sunnie killing series, dislodging them from Basra and Baghdad, the historically mixed cities, onto a mysterious unknown future, threatened by federalism, and the evil, greedy neighbors.
Iraq is but a wounded lion, torn by stabs.
Will he remain alive, to rise up again?
Iraq is living now in the worst phase of its modern history.
And again I remember the picture of the two dolts: Rumsfeld and Gondoleezza Rice in front of the cameras, shaking hands; yes, mission accomplished, Iraq is destroyed.
Now, if the strongest men possible, dedicated, and honest would come along to fix what the occupation destroyed, that would be a far-off dream.
How many years do we need to bring Iraq back to a path of life?
How much money do we need?
How much honest efforts?
But the occupation is still perching like ravens on graves and waste dumps, building military bases to remain in Iraq indefinitely.
What possible future awaits Iraq??


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