Sunday, April 09, 2006

Good Morning.....
I got this email from a friend who is an engineer in the south of Iraq
and I like to hear about stories from Iraq , from Iraqi people themselves, not from mainstream media in this country ..
hope you can understand the reality on ground
all my best

Dear Faiza,

I Think the corruption not stolen money only, the corruption happened when american gave contracts to not contractors, 99% of iraqi companies that works with occupation are not actual companies, all of this companies have CV Only and not registered in iraqi government, without management without engineers and without any skill staff, this is companies now responsible for reconstruction iraq, I Think you understand why american gave contracts to this companies?
all council members from illiterate because of democracy and elections, most of iraqi electors don't know about whom will elect, sometimes according to religion and sometimes according to sectarianism and few people literate elect according to patriotism, the iraqi illiterate citizens patriotism iraq but the politicians all time mislead the iraqi elector.
Faiza I love my country very much like you, but all iraqi citizens live in danger situation, The better for you and all iraqi live outside iraq must returned to iraq to work with iraqi citizens to pass this tribulation, iraq needs to qualified people and experts,


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