Sunday, March 12, 2006

Good morning..
I have got this email from Baghdad today, its talking about cultural damage in Iraq after the war, thay need support, if some body or organization would like to help. I will give them the address of how to contact such groups inside Iraq..
the occupation destroyed Iraq, they are trying to make it like Afganistan...
Iraq is the cradle of civilization...

dear faiza
i am so glad for your great work to declare the situation in iraq . about the cultur institutions in iraq i can say that no restoring or reconstruction of any of it except the children centre by a humineterian org .
- the building of the theatre and cinema establishment in alsalihia is still burning and destroyed.also these establishments is in the same bad condition:
- the art centre in haifa street .
- the building of the ministry in salihia .
- the theatres- babil , alnasr cinema bulding
- no support to baghdad film festival
- the minister of culture now is a policeman not from the culture carriers .
- most of the cultures establishments general directors ar not specialised in any culture fields.
- no reconstruction of the national musieum , no one know about the investigation results of the crime .

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