Thursday, February 02, 2006

صباح الخير
اريد ان اضع ايميل وصلني اليوم يعلق فيه صاحبه على غضب المسلمين من الكاريكاتير في الصحيفة الدنماركية
حيث يصور النبي محمد ص وهو يخبيء القنابل تحت عمامته في اشارة الى انه ارهابي
وصاحب الايميل يرى ان غضبنا او رد فعلنا هو عمل طفولي غير ناضج
وان المسألة مسألة ضحك فقط
واننا لا نقدر هذه النعمة
والله هي مسألة فرق في العقلية وتفسير الامور
وربما هذا هو الفرق بين عقلية الشرق والغرب
والنظرة الى الدين او رموز الدين
عسى الله يهدي عباده جميعا الى طريق الحق
Dear Geovanni
I have no comment on your email
its hard for you to understand such topics
and I think its one of the main issues which distinguished between Western and Eastern mentality..
its not a matter of the level of education..

lady Faiza,
are you trading freedom of speech for demagogy ? as if you were some childish Saudi prince?

Why on the hell did you sponsor such idiot rubbish

Letter to the Minister of Foreign Affairs in Denmark
..... letter to the minister of foreign affairs in Denmark, regarding what the Danish newspaper "Jyllands Posten" had published on September 30th, 2005, showing 12 caricatures ridiculing the prophet Mohammad last messenger of God –May prayers be upon Him-. The caricatures were part of a contest made by the same newspaper to show the funniest cartoons that show the prophet Mohammad. One caricature showed the prophet wearing a turban-shaped bomb and other caricatures showed him in horrendous positions. This is a very humiliating act toward every Muslim on the globe.

I thought you were a high educated and experienced woman, not a child who needs to be reassured - Oh baby, we will kill all those blasfemous Christians.-

I am sure the prophet Mohammad last messenger of God –May prayers be upon Him- is soon coming down and will give you a good spanking, just to keep you in line and remind you that laugh is a gift of God you don't deserve.


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