Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Good Morning..
I put my last post , it was written since about 4 weeks ago.
I will try to write a new one inshalla today.
well, after all what had happened in Iraq since two years and more, still, there is people who are from inside Iraq or outside, who are against my vision.
I hope God will open their eyes and hearts to be more honest with theirselves and others.
and hope they are not ignorant, or selfish opportunist, or have been misled by media or fake stories.
we should stand and open our minds and hearts , and don`t be like stereotype.
if anybody really respects himself, he will never be stereotyped one.
help yourself to hear and understand the reality, even if its hidden between lines.
we are human, and have same feelings and standards, and can easily understand ,if we decide to know the truth, we will catch it .....
from here or there , we can catch it !
and the next step is to try making change in this world, the change we want , the change for the better of humanity.
first : be honest and clear with yourself.
second : move to make the change you want.
wish you all a nice day.

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