Monday, August 22, 2005

Dear Faiza:

Your understanding of the ways of American politics has matured. Now you are beginning to see the role of the "citizen" in American politics. The "citizen" is to be a "spectator" in the decisions of government, NOT a participant. You may watch, and only participate to the extent that when they give you the list of people to vote for, you vote. It doesn't make much difference which you vote for because they are all on the same team. So you are a fool to vote at all.
Already you sound like giving up. That is the frustration of most Americans as well. By "interferring" with political plans you bring the wolf to your door. You used to ask, "why don't the Americans get rid of this horrible government?" Now you better understand why. Cindy Sheehan will be dismissed or used for their purposes. Bush does not care what the polls say about who supports what he and his cabal of nut cases are doing, they hold all the key political offices and will continue to do as they please. Bush is waiting for everyone in your country that cares enough to fight, to kill each other, thus leaving only the sheep behind that can be easily herded into the pens. Jordon may end up being your new home, sweet Faiza.
Iran is staring at being nuked. The world is on fire. Dear Faiza, all governments are criminal organizations, organized hypocrisy. Their only difference is that some are more criminal than others.
My best: PW

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