Sunday, July 31, 2005

Good Evening..
we are fine, the family here in Amman with relatives and friends , where you can feel how much the life is beautiful with security and peace .
our hearts still with Iraq and Iraqis...they missed everything simple in the life.
before two nights , when i went to bed, my heart was heavy and sad , i talked with God in myself i told Him : its your will controling this earth, not mine .
and im just a poor and weak creature, i cant say that i knew more than you.
im just confused and cant understand the meaning of oppression between human towards each others...
is it about money and power?
when Saddam Hussain regime fell down , we all were happy, we thought its the end of bad actions in Iraq, the end of abusing and torturing iraqi people ,the end of darkness..we thought its the begining of new era in Iraqi history...
but after more than two years, sadly, we can see , iraq still suffering from the same ugly actions
and nothing have been changed, may be the names and the hands , but the mentality is the same...
and we said after the war : OK, this is America coming to Iraq , it will teach our new leaders how to respect human rights , and how to accomplish democracy in our country...we were anxious
to see how is the freedom and democracy look like !
but now, after two years and more, we are depressed, and fled out of our horrible life in iraq.
and still dreaming that one day we can really achieve freedom and democracy in our country
i mean real one , not fake ...
and still believe that we all can work to make the change we want , its not individual dream or action, it should be done by the big groups of people...
and God is watching and waiting to see our actions..
and in the judgment day He will ask everyone : what you have done to help oppressed people on earth ?
what you have done to achieve justice and peace on earth?
its our responsibility....
God will never send angels to make peace on earth..
its our responsibility...
my heart still sad for iraq and iraqis..
but still i have hope that we can all work together to stop this madness .
as i saw on a magazine, written : where there is a will, there is a way !

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