Monday, July 25, 2005

Good Evening..
we are feeling better day after day, trying to wake up from the nightmare we have lived in the past two weeks..
as our friend sharon from America said that may be God sent my son to be in jail in Baghdad to see what is going on inside iraq, and the unknown poor iraqis who are in jails for many months and nobody of their families knew about them, and they have no right to have lawyer to defend them, what kind of justice is that?
Bremer put emergency law in Iraq , it means the government has the right to arrest anyone,anytime, took him out of his bed in his underwears to jails, stay there for months, tortured or abused, and nobody cares about him.
is this the security policy to protect the citizens from terrorist?
its the terrorism my dear !
well ,when i came back from America before one month, my plans to the future was like that i should go back to Iraq to participate the political operation and try to make change to the stop the violence, the corruption, the evil works controling the daily life.
but after the ordeal of my son, i can see Iraq from new eyes , its not the one i want to live in or work with, its now filled with people in power working under the banner : its our turn to revenge
and nobody can stop us !
so, they are controling the streets, the media, the decisions, the social and political activities..
and the moderate groups are helpless, there is no chance to them now , nobody listen to their voice, the violence and hatred are talking now loudly in Iraq , some groups from inside and outside of Iarq , want this to be, to accomplish their agenda...
and the victims are iraqis , all iraqis, the rich and the poor, the old and the young, the men and women and children, the sunni and shi`ee, and iraqis and noniraqis....all have been targeted in this mess.
I have met different kinds of iraqi people, working with government as moderate , trying to make change, but i saw how depressed they are, and trying to protect their families to get them out of iraq, this is their priority now, and i saw them as powerless, they cant help any iraqi in jail or bad condition, they have nothing to do..
so I asked : why you are in power ?
just to get high salaries and new apartments in Amman ?
the iraqi people elected you in the last election to defend them, but you did nothing , you have just change your life to the better, get your kids and wives out of iraq to live in a fancy way, and you go back to live in Baghdad under the protection of security men .
in Saddam Hussain era, the jails were filled with shi`ee iraqis, now its filled with sunni iraqis and noniraqis like Jordanians and Palestinians or others from Arab Countries.
now the men in jail because of their Identity card no more , most of the time.
so, after this horrible war on Iraq , what we have changed ?
its the same criminal mentality controling and torturing iraqi people.
who will stop this nightmare going on in Iraq?
can you tell me that the American Government dont know what is going on in Iraq now?
for me and my family, its better to be out of iraq, at least we meet journalist or activist
to talk about iraq, and arrange meetings with iraqi families , to hear their stories about kidnapped or killed or injured members, and why they left iraq .
poor and rich families, known and unknown, all have the same pain..
all have the destroyed and torn country , named Iraq .
and American government waged this war in the name of iraqis and their freedom.
we can see now what kind of freedom we gained...
we are out of our houses, faraway from our relatives, friends, neighbours, eveything we loved.
we are living outside of our country, but our minds, hearts, souls, still inside of Iraq.
trying everday, every moment, to find a way to give help to iraqis who still suffering inside.
and asking ourselves : what is the future awaiting for iraq?
where is the shining future that Bush promissed iraqis when he started this war?
and what about the iraqi victims who are falling everyday in jails or streets?
dont tell me they are the price of our shining future...
it should be named : the blood stained future .

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