Thursday, June 16, 2005

Good Morning..
i have spent the last weekend with my new friend Helena Cobban
she is living in Virginia, but she came to pick me from the campus, and we went to Boston by car , to meet her beautiful young daughter Lorna, and her son Tareq and his very nice girlfriend Liz.
they were very kind with me..and i really appreciate every thing they have done to me.
Helena has web site, she is blogger,
she also wrote books about peace building and Palestinian issue, she was living in Lebanon during the civil war.
Helena and i went to walk by the river in Cambrigde city ( i hope my pronouncing is right) , then we went through Harvard University, then we went to the museum in that town, we found a book about looting the Iraqi museum during this war..
we bought two copies, and we were grateful for the authers to take care of this issue and documented it, iraqi people are now in a dark well, no time to think about what happened to the museum..
thank you my dear Helena..and your lovely family..
wish there will be another chance to meet all of you again..
and wish there will be peace in Iraq, to invite you all to visit Iraq, inshalla
have a nice day !

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