Monday, June 20, 2005

Good Evening..
im in Washington DC now, have meetings with friends to talk about iraq and war and future.
i can see the American people are not the enemy of Iraqi people..
they are alike , no body consulted them about the war... and nobody cares about their attitude.
well, i can see the change is coming in this country.. i can see lot of arguments and conflict inside the society going on...its positive sign..
the people from all nations, who are not involved in parties or groups of political activities, are free and have lot in common...
they are clear and honest and peace makers...
not like the groups who are greedy and narrow minded , and create hatred and violence between nations..
the peace will come on earth...sooner or later
and we all are responsibil to achieve it for the sake of our children...they all deserve to live in peace and justice...

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