Thursday, June 16, 2005

Good Evening..
still in the school with the class and training course about peace building....
lot of informations and stories from different countries,
my mind is soo tired and busy..
but i have got great benefit from this visit .
if i have still living in iraq, i would never understand what was happening to my country.
here, i understand the reality of the war on iraq.
its very clear, but, still there is lot of ignorant or stubborn who would never open their minds and eyes to recognize what is the truth.
well, let them stay in their deep sleep..
the issue now in the hands of iraqi people..
they are who should defend their human rights and freedom, and independence of their country.
we should never wait for others to come and give help.. or make change to the better.
its our life, our iraq, our future..
every day i believed in this idea more and more..
i will write more details later inshalla , about what i have studied here, and different stories
from different participants .
and before two days i made a presentation about iraq, and told the attendant about how was the life under Saddam Hussain era, then the life during the war days, then the life after more than two years of occupation....
it was a small clarification , about the story of iraqis, since decades, but not the one the people used to hear from biased media..
wish you all good night

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