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Friday, May 6th, 2005
Good morning….
The news of Iraq are still annoying, thwarting, and raising a lot of questions…
The new government was announced, but some problems are still hanging about, some ministries are still waiting for a minister to be named for it, like the Ministry of Defense, for it is likely that America should agree first on the name of the person who shall be responsible for it, being the most important Ministry concerned with the security of the country, and drawing the policy of dealing with the various powers… and of course the case includes how to deal with the Iraqi Resistance against the occupation…
This is an ambiguous point in the matter, and an important point worthy of stopping by, and debating about…
Is this resistance legitimate? Do the occupation forces have the right to detain and punish those involved in operations against the occupying forces? Who grants this legitimacy, and who invalidates it? Is the presence of the new government giving the impression that this resistance is merely a bunch of outlaws, as the media is trying to portray them? Is the reason for this picture the continuous, daily operations, who insist upon targeting the civilians, drawing the lights towards them, becoming the focus point, and thus giving the justification that the resistance is just killers, and criminals who enjoy spilling innocent blood?
Are there two groups of men carrying on the military operations since the fall of Baghdad, (some two years ago), one group targeting the occupation forces, and the new government officials? And the other targeting the civilians…
Well then, the second group is mysterious, and nobody says clearly ; we are responsible for it.
The first group, as we know them, being the remains of the extinct regime, or the Arab Mujahideen, as the media says.
And the question is: Is there some relation between the two groups?
The second group that targets the civilians is ruining the reputation of the group who targets the occupation forces and the government officials, and thus branding them with shame, and bad reputation, giving the justification for eliminating them….
Most Iraqis are uncertain, asking: Is there someone who supports the terrorism of those who kill the civilians, to destroy the reputation of those who attack the occupying forces, and put them both in one category?
We always find someone who says : there is a rejected terrorism, that which targets the civilians, and there is an internationally- recognized resistance, and it is called Resisting the Occupation, and this is a legitimate right for nations.
Where is the legitimate right here? Who is deforming and wasting it?
Those who claim it!!? Or those who oppose them, wanting to tarnish the reputation of the resistance?
The Iraqis are bewildered, and the whole world is bewildered with them, wondering: What is happening there, in the name of hell?
And the truth is….? Where is the truth?
I think she is hiding in the bottom of a dark well…. And no one has got there … yet.
When I follow up the Media channels of the new Iraqi government, or the Newspapers issued by them, I find them very similar in their presentations of the Iraqi issue through the Media, (meaning, the speech addressed to people), which is identical to the vision of the American administration, and its viewpoint…
Meaning, both sides are trying to say that there is a legitimate occupation, which came for noble causes; to save the Iraqi people, and we should bypass talking about it, that there is a government elected by 8 million Iraqis, then there are some dark forces who want to impede the peace and democratic process, the building of the new Iraq.
Well, then, I want to discuss these points quietly, intelligently…
First, I do not like the " Theory of Conspiracy", and I do not consider it referential for my notions in life. I believe in the theory of: Think with your mind, use logic, to understand what is happening around you.
Now, is the war on Iraq legitimate?
Is the presence of a foreign occupation force a legal and legitimate act?
And, is this Iraqi government, or the one before it, legitimate governments, born in legitimate circumstances?
We are still discussing these items… Why?
Because being convinced by the legitimacy of something, gives people the conviction to support that act.
We go back to the beginning….. To the days of the fall of Baghdad, then came "Premer", and disbanded the army, the police force, the Ministry of Defense, and the Ministry of Information… chaos started to impose itself upon the country since that time, the violence against civilians increased, by the thieves and the scum, and against the occupation by groups labeling their work as legitimate resistance.
By this (Smart) Policy used by "Premer", an army appeared, an army of the unemployed, and the resentful, those who usually form the fuel for violence, (the comfortable satisfied doesn't look for violence, but the beaten, hungry, and oppressed is a suitable, ready medium for violence.
Were some factions of the Iraqi people pushed forcibly to adopt violence?
This is what happened, and is happening every day…
And, does the American administration think that breaking the heads of the Iraqis is the solution?
These violent, aggressive policies might succeed to an extent against the Palestinians, where they cut off the resistance's nails, assassinating most of its leaders along tens of years, until they reached the structure of a skinny state, by conditions always full of humiliation, more and more concessions, until the Palestinian leaders lost all face….
The strict-rightists policy in Israel now is the same adopted by the strict American administration towards Iraq now…in this phase they are trying to encourage the men who reach governmental posts in Iraq to be from the "soft" faction, supporting the policy of America in Iraq, meaning: the factions that always say: yes, sir. Setting aside and pushing off everyone who stands up to say: No…we do not want you to impose your conditions upon us. Everyone is supposed to say yes, and "obey" the American program in Iraq.
This is not a part of the "Theory of Conspiracy"…this is the reality of daily life, for two years now…
Well, again, most of the men who run for the Iraqi elections with long lists of candidates, run without clear programs… how come?
Is there a nation in the world who goes to elections, vote, putting the blue ink on its forefinger, not knowing what the program of the next stage is?
Isn't this ignorance, and a big ruse??
When I was in Baghdad…before the elections, I used to hear that most Shia'ats will obey Al-Sayed Al-Sistani and vote, because it is a patriotic duty, and because it is the first step towards removing the invasion out of Iraq.
And in the elections time, I was in Amman, and an Iraq lady, working in an international women's organization called me, (of course, this woman supports the war on Iraq, and the Bush-policy). She said to me: There is this reporter of Al-Hurra, who wants to meet distinguished Iraqi women to speak to, and I remembered you, would you come with us for the interview?
I asked: What is the subject?
She said: You speak about the elections, encouraging Iraqi women to go to the voting boxes.
I said: And how is that?
She said: You appear on T.V., on the Al-Hurra channel, telling the Iraqi women to go to the elections, participate, for this is the guarantee of the occupation's leaving Iraq…
I laughed as I shook my head: Do you really believe this, my dear? Who said so? And who gave you this guarantee? Do you think me a fool? Appearing on Al-Hurra channel to lie to the Iraqi women? And to become a target to be killed by the Iraqi Resistance? I am not so eager to appear on T.V. screens….nor to address people with untrue speeches… I do not like playing this role, cheating the Iraqis….look for someone else…
She said: By GOD I will appear on the screen to say this…
I said to her: You are free, these are your convictions…but I am sorry… look for someone else…
Of course, I am sure she found someone who loves being on the screen, and saying this silly talk, devoid of truth…
Any way, I said to myself…each takes the responsibility of his (or her) actions. And because I respect myself, and I'm not eager to appear on screens, or fool people, I rejected the idea strongly.
But I see a lot of people so keen on standing before the camera, and talking, in right or wrong….
This is how life has become, or perhaps it was like this, all the time….
What happened after the elections, is that the victorious lists started forming the government, and lost 3 months in the lives of the Iraqis, and in their own lives, only to come to an agreement on; This Ministry is mine, and that is yours!
And the issue of the occupation's departure was not included in the agenda of discussions…
And, what remains of the government's life is merely 6 or 7 months…then new elections would begin.
The question is: would what happened satisfy the Iraqis, who risked their lives to participate in the elections? Wouldn't they feel they have been used, for some ends and advantages, some other factions would reap?
Meaning, for example, the Bush administration took the election process as a sign of agreement by the Iraqis to the occupation, and the legitimacy of that occupation….
While the reality of the matter is, that most Iraqis went to the elections under the slogan: We bring a national Iraqi government to push the occupation out…
And what was the result?
A lost, confused government, that doesn't know how to achieve the priorities of the Iraqi's demands, and how to pass over silly details, and narrow, sect mazes.
Which is the most important now: to provide security for people, or give shares to the sunnies, Shia'ats, and Kurds in the new government?
And its life is to be only months, meaning that the time is short, and should be used as best as could be. How can time be wasted, after the sacrifices of people, and their risking their lives?
Did the Iraqi people go to the voting boxes to achieve these silly items? How is the will of the people disfigured?
This is what we see in Iraq now…. And of course, as long as there is a lean, confused government, so the issue of security is far off, and the issue of the occupation force's departure, because each is connected to the other…..
When the Allawi government was on, they moved along with the occupation forces to destroy Fallujah, and scatter away its people. And they used to announce each month: Next month will see some developments to improve the security conditions towards the better…..we waited for months…and conditions are getting worst…
Until the elections took place, and the new government came along…
Oh Brother, we do want to believe that we have a good, national government, one who seeks the interest of the Iraqi people first, and fulfils their wishes…. Where is the proof?
Two days ago, a trapped car exploded by a recruiting center of the Iraqi Army, near Al-Muthanna Airport.
That same center! How many times it was targeted?
By the same dumb way, the same place, for a year or so now. And the poor recruits are dying because of the stupidity of the supervisors of the center, and by not taking better security measures…
The daily life in Baghdad, the thefts, lootings, and bombings all say that there is no improvement in the security condition.
Either there is stupidity, neglect, or intended collusion… aren't these the possibilities?
We always say the same words, and repeat them for two years now: There must be an Iraqi government representing all factions of the people, by providing a democratic environment, to prepare for the election process, by presenting clear programs for future actions, without foul play, intrigues, marginalizing and pushing away some faction, as happened in the forming of the new government, and thus lost a lot of time by it… Giving a priority to arm the Iraqi Army and police force, by modern weapons and tanks, to give them power and dignity, so people would respect them, and thieves and criminals would fear them, (not being just men in Army and police uniforms, while they make easy targets to all passers by).
First: we must have a strong government, meaning; a government with clear goals and demands before the elections, and with honest intentions to fulfill those goals after the elections…this is the most important condition…credibility and clarity, not murmurs, and ambiguous conspiracies.
And second: Forming the Army and police force, under the supervision of that government, with big financings, to arm and train the new members. This would be a proof of America's seriousness in her wish to withdraw her troops from Iraq….
And everything else after these two items, would be easy to achieve….
Translated by May/Baghdad.

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