Thursday, March 24, 2005

Monday, March 21, 2005
Good evening…
Yesterday was the second anniversary of the start of the war on Iraq.
I remembered the first moments of air raids on Baghdad, in the dawn of the 20th of March, 2003. These moments are still alive in memory. And I wondered how the time passed, the longest and heaviest two years in my life.
Many events happened, that I can’t believe they were only two years.
The years usually pass quickly…. But it seems that the hard times seem longer, and slower, than the happy times.
In many countries around the world yesterday, there were protestations and demonstrations against the war on Iraq. There were reports in magazines, newspapers, and satellite channels in many countries.
As for Iraq itself, well, it is living in some other mazes…
The new government is still not formed yet, because there are some disagreements between the men of the election’s victorious lists, over the details, (and as the saying goes: the devil resides in details).
There is the conflict about Karkook, the oil in it, and who shall take charge of the oil income there, (everybody is fighting about her,
As if it was the hen that lays the golden eggs!).
Iraq is witnessing demonstrations against Jordan, the Jordanian flag was burned in Baghdad, and many other cities in the south, and the council was withdrawn from the embassy, to Amman, in fear for his life.
An extraordinary matter??
Were is the logic in all these behaviors?? We destroy our relations with our neighbors, with whom we had strong connections for centuries, why? And In this particular timing??
The media is showing pictures of angry Iraqis burning the flag, holding banners bearing hostile, very impolite words. As if this is a campaign full of hate, to escalate the situation, since when did all this hate accumulate?
In just one week??
To whose benefit are these actions, without wisdom, or logic??
And who leads them??
There is an illogical story about the martyrdom of a Jordanian young man, whose parents didn’t really understand whether he really died, or is he still alive.
Did he really blow himself up, or died as a victim of an explosion?
The story does not bear any material evidence… but, there is someone who wants to invest it to escalate the hate against some people…
Why? No one knows…
Why didn’t the media film a demonstration against the occupation, for example, or against the unemployment, the lack of security, or the administrative corruption… for two years?
Are the Iraqis satisfied with everything in their lives, and only Jordan became a priority in their problem list, so they directed animosity against her?
Then again, we have suffered two years of bombings, and suicidal attackers from all nationalities, so why was the situation escalated now, directing people’s attention, inside and abroad, to this case?
There are some religious leaders, who entered Iraq after the war, they have militias, and they are capable of moving these militias in demonstrations, concerning some specific agenda, which is perhaps the furthest from the Iraqi people’s benefit, but they want to give the world the impression that those are the representatives of the whole people’s opinion, or the majority of it.
Are these political follies, or political meanness?
GOD only knows their aims.
I feel sad and hurt when I see the ignorance of our people…
Ignorant people… or allows an ignorant faction to take the lead in the media, as if they represent the majority’s opinion.
And in the truth of the matter, most Iraqis are wondering: what is this? Why is this happening?
Now I can understand why the world despises our people…
Because there is an internal media first, then abroad, which is active in conveying these ugly pictures about us….
Those ignorants themselves are the same who clapped for Saddam Hussein for 30 years…giving the world the impression that we are an ignorant, coward, two faced people…
Now, and after the war, the likes of them ran, plundering the palaces and the vases. Huh, Huh, Huh. I can not forget the story of the comic vases, then they robbed the banks, and stole people’s lives and possessions after the plundering play was over, those same people now, or at least people of the same perceptions, stand before the cameras, happy as if they were heroes, burning the flags and stepping on them, as if this would solve all the un-solvable problems of Iraq….
They have no minds…….
The minds were absent, there were non but cattle, shouting, deforming our image…… deforming our voices… because they monopolized the screen, as if saying: those are the Iraqis….
But the truth is, the Iraqis are innocent of what is happening….
The intelligent, peaceful Iraqis, patient against harm… who do not speak…but pull themselves away from this propaganda, and these silly, comedy plays. They remain away from the screen, in respect to themselves, and in fear at the same time…
And I see, we all see with our eyes, how the process of misleading the people is carried out, the losing of priorities, getting people busy with petty subjects, fighting imaginary enemies….
This is what is happening in Iraq now…a lesson to us all, so our eyes would be open, to see how the people’s fate and future are being played with, losing their priorities, using the petty, ignorant factions, to become the instruments of achieving vicious plans….
And we all are watching, stunned: what is happening in Iraq? Where is it going to?
There were supposed to be elections, then the formation of a new government, a parliament, the start to write a new constitution, controlling security and the administrative corruption, solving the unemployment problems, repairing the smashed economy, and infrastructure…….and an endless list of demands, to reestablish life in the torn body of the country…
But look…what the new leaderships that came to Iraq are doing? Where are they dragging the people? How are they handling the situations???
GOD only knows what awaits Iraq, a dark future, if it remains under the leadership of these amazing mentalities, who live in the middle ages, full of hate, and darkness….
Iraq, along with many Arab States, needs new leaderships, with new minds, and new visions…so we could lift up our heads, and talk to the world, with a clear, cultural, understandable language…. Not a language of the lying mob…
When our governments stop using and investing the mob, who are like cattle without minds, without thoughts, merely walking everyday behind a different Shepard, like Ali Bin Abi Talib says, Peace be upon him.
When our governments stop treating us like mindless idiots…wanting to drag us to places far- off from the mind, or the common benefit. For they would be laughing at themselves, not realizing that people are no longer fools…
The world has become a small village…communications are continuous between nations… it is no longer possible to hide something, or trick people to see it as something else….
The world is moving forwards…. And only an idiot leader would think he can stop time…
Saddam Hussein used to prohibit the use of satellite, mobile phone, and the internet… for Iraqis, thinking this would give him the ability to remain forever…
No one stays forever, my dear… except GOD, the Creator of people…and all else will pass on.
If Saddam Hussein was more democratic…his regime wouldn’t have fallen so easily…he would have found some defenders among Iraqis.
Democracy is a healthy system for both sides… people and governments. Real democracy builds a correct relation, opening an account of trust and respect between people and the government. But dictatorship, or a false, deformed democracy, opens an account full of cheating, lying, and injustice, between people and governments…
So, governments would fall, sooner or latter, with nobody feeling sorry for them…let them go to hell.
My heart is sad for what is happening in Iraq, and many other Arab states… our history is full of torture, dictatorship, and abuse… people inherited fear, generation after generation…exactly just like the nations in the west inherit freedom, generation after generation…
I read the old Arabic history, and wonder: since when these nations are sinking under fear and injustice??
Since the Umayyad state, then the Abbasid, the moguls, Ottomans, the British and French colonization, the national, unjust, tyrant governments? Why??
Are we dumb nations, allowing something like this to happen, by our will? Or is it that GOD cursed us with lying, cruel leaders, whenever one of them left, another would come, more cruel, and more of a liar?
I do not know… I do not want to lose hope in these people… there must come a day when they would wake up from their slumber…and stop this comedy in its tracks…the comedy of accepting tyrant, unjust rulers, clapping for them on TV. Screens, while the hearts hated them.
This nation needs a moment of truth with its self, to become free from what she is sinking under; slavery, surrender, and stupid ness.
It is about time that Iraq should be free of the ruler worship mentality, believing all his stories, even if they were made up. That who broke down the idol, should not go back to worship another… That who brakes down the idols… should open his eyes well, and wouldn’t agree to play the role of the fool again…. Shouldn’t agree at all…if he respects himself…if he wanted to build a shiny, true future for his country, and his children.
Iraqis must wake up, and not allow the dark history to repeat itself all over again.
Goodbye foolishness, and ignorance…goodbye lying, cheating, and injustice, this is the required motto for Iraqis, in the coming stage, so they would be able to change the stupid, foolish minds, in which we sank, for long, dark decades of time……
Isn’t it enough, what we have seen, and endured? Are we going to push ourselves in a new, dark tunnel, all over again? Aren’t we fit to be like other nations, who live freely, peacefully, on earth, nations who wake and sleep to the tunes of freedom, while we got used to wake and sleep to the tunes of fear, and slavery.
People make their own fates…
When shall we decide this??
And when shall we start achieving it?
I wish I had the answer….
Translated by May/ Baghdad.

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