Tuesday, December 14, 2004

good morning,,
i`ve put pictures about Cairo on the link of pictures.
wish you `ll likt them.
best regards

Good evening..
i`m in cairo these days in a short vacation.
it`s a very beautiful city, and very crowded.
and it`s people are very nice and friendly..
tomorrow i should go back to Jordan.
i wish i can stay here...
but i missed my lovely Baghdad.
i left Baghdad since ten days or more..
traveling through Syria,then Jordan,then Egypt.
i can see and feel the sadness of the people i met every where, in different cities,they almost
have the same kind/sad words : our hearts are with Iraq and Iraqis.
yes,we all wish ,and wait to see peace , stability,dignity,in Iraq.
my love and regards to Iraq and Iraqis, at anytime, and from anywhere.

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