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Good morning..I`ve got this Email from a friend..please read it with me.wish you good day.




 The Assassination of Iraqi Intellectuals StatementEven after the ‘transfer of authority’ the U.S. Government remains in defacto military occupation of Iraq. The idea that the escalation of violencecan be put to an end by the ‘interim’ government, while 140,000 U.S troopsremain in control of major Iraqi cities like Mosul and Baghdad, is far fromthe reality on the ground.Overlooked by the U.S. Press is the escalating assassination of Iraqiacademics, intellectuals, and lecturers. More than 250 college professorssince April 30, 2003, according to the Iraqi Union of University Lecturers,have been the targets of assassination. Among the 250 professorsassassinated to date include: Muhammad al-Rawi, President of BaghdadUniversity (July 27, 2003); Dr. Abdul Latif al-Mayah a Professor ofPolitical Science at Baghdad's Mustansiriya University (late January 2003);Dr. Nafa Aboud, a Professor of Arabic Literature at the University ofBaghdad; Dr Sabri al-Bayati; a Geographer at the University of Baghdad; Dr.Falah al-Dulaimi, Assistant Dean of College at Mustansariya University; Dr.Hissam Sharif, Department of History of the University of Baghdad; andProfessor Wajih Mahjoub of the College of Physical Education.Whoever is responsible for these targeted assassinations, the U.S. and itsCoalition of Allies (the United Kingdom, Italy, Poland, the Ukraine, theNetherlands, Australia, Romania, Bulgaria, Thailand, Denmark, El Salvador,Korea, Honduras, Japan, Norway, Mongolia, Azerbaijan, Portugal, Latvia,Hungary, Lithuania, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Georgia, Albania, Moldova,New Zealand, Macedonia, Estonia, Kazakhstan and, until recently, thePhilippines)—all of them commanding and controlling the ongoing de factooccupation of Iraq—bear an international responsibility and obligation toprotect civilians living under occupation and who are protected by the 4thArticle of the Geneva Convention.The Geneva Convention, which the U.S. and others nations have signed withoutreservation, holds all occupying authorities responsible for the conditionpertaining to the lives of Iraqi intellectuals, professors, and civilians ofall types, including the further undermining of the already sanctioned andutterly destroyed system of education in Iraq. We, the undersigned, deplorethe killing of professors, intellectuals and other civilians, and urge afull Congressional investigation into the circumstances that led to theongoing, systematic and targeted assassination of Iraqi intellectual,academics, and professors. According to Union of Iraqi Lecturers, if “thestream of assassinations” continue, Iraqi Colleges and Universities will beleft without a qualified teaching staff.

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