Saturday, June 19, 2004

Tell LUcy that the Iraquis were not dancing in the street -- they were angry -- angry -- angry! Angry at the Americans who are, in fact, the root of the chaos in Iraq. The Americans continue to believe that they are do-gooders and that everyone should love them. Lucy is so arrogant that it angers me -- saying, in so many words, if you Iraqis don't start behaving the way we Americans want you to behave -- we Americans won't feel sympathy for you or support you. They don't get it. They don't get it. They don't get it! They want the Iraqi people to throw flowers and kisses at the invaders and the occupiers. The chaos in Saudi Arabia was predicted -- everyone knew that the American invasion of Iraq would destablize the entire Middle East. Why the surprise? This situation was predicted. The Saudis dont' want Americans in their country. The Saudis, the ones who know what's happening, don't like the sweetheard deal between the ruling sheiks and the American oil companies. They don't like it. There is no democracy in Saudi Arabia -- the Americans, in cahoots with the Saudi sheiks -- would never permit it. If there were democracy, the Saudis would throw out hte Americans -- and the American rulling oil class knows it. Osama bin Laden is popular in Saudi Arabia -- George Bush is hated. That is where the populace stands. But the arrogant Americans can't figure it out -- they just can't figure out that the Americans are not exactly doing the Arabs any favors. We Americans want to control the oil resources of the Arabian peninsula. That's the story. Just like the Israelis want to control the land and water of Palestine. It's the same story. Saddam Hussein nationalized the oil -- and the Americans did not like it. Before that, Hussein was a good friend to the American government, including Donald Rumsfield, who came to shake Saddam's hand -- even after the Kurds were poisoned -- with chemicals sold to him by the Americans. Nancy
well, thank you Nancy..
I start to be happy that there are realy Americans who can see and hear and understand.
thank God...
with the help of these people ,I hope Iraq will be free from occupation forces , someday
as I always`s a matter of time.
I hope we all can see that happy day.

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