Saturday, June 19, 2004

It is hard for us to tell the difference between
jumping around and shouting against the USA out of
anger and jumping around and shouting against the USA
out of happiness at death and destruction. It looks
exactly the same.

Another Iraqi blogger said that sometimes the
reporters give money to young people near an incident
so that they will put on a good anti-American show for
the cameras. I don't know about that.

If the Iraqi government wants us to leave, we will
leave. Right now they are saying we should stay, so
you better start writing and calling Allawi and
Al-Yawer and the rest, and ask them to change their

well yes, that`s right..
I heard about that stories talking about reporters asking Iraqis to do such
stupid actions to show them on TV..
but about our government , how could we let them hear our voices?
where is the Iraqi national council?
who is going to send our view to the government?
I know...this questions have no answers...
and we all are sad, and can`t do any thing ....

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