Wednesday, June 16, 2004

good morning..
this is the email I have received today..from my American friend Lucy..
ok, I didn`t put the article that she was talking about cause it was very long ..
you can read it from another site maybe..
the article is full of lies agaist Iraqis...
the real story about those young men,they were not dancing and celebrating like zolo people...
they were very angry against occupation force and they were jumping on the top of a destroyed car...shouting agaist USA, cause they think it`s doing very bad actions in their country...and it makes Iraq the feild of battles...
their innocent friends and relatives were killed in these explosions..
so, they were very angry...
but your media is lying...
telling you another side for the story...which is not true..
how could we trust that your medai and your leaders are coming to help Iraqis?
in the end of the story about those young men, they said : this evil actions are not done by Iraqis...they have been done by enemies of Iraqis...
as faiza says always...
you can read about this real story in our newspapers and Arabic newspapers..
but the different story you can read in YOUR newspapers..
they are cheating you all..
thank you....


Dear Faiza,

I know you are very busy--and, probably, the last thing you want to see right now is yet another long email! But, when I read this article I thought of you and of course I have questions about it that will probably confound you as they do me!

Who are these Iraqis who dance in the streets at death and destruction?! Is it possible that a sizable number of Iraqis believe that the US would be so foolish as to commit terrorist acts in order to have an excuse to stay in Iraq when all US politicians know full well that our troops must leave Iraq soon because of the public's dislike for all lengthy wars--their casualties and their costs? If anything our politicians are looking for an excuse to withdraw our forces prematurely, before your new government has the time or ability to protect you! Don't Iraqis know that a true Iraqi resistance would not be killing fellow Iraqis in such savage acts of violence either? It's possible these attacks are being done by pro-Saddam elements, but I would doubt even that. They have the earmarks of foreign jihadists who have been influenced by al Quada or of al Quada itself. Yes, it is because of our invasion that these violent people have entered your country and that there is chaos before the birth of your own democracy. Yes, you have less electricity in Baghdad than before the war but other places have more now. But, when the very people who are there to help increase your electricity are blown up and when the equipment keeps being blown up what can anyone do about improving your utilities? Just now it seems Iraqi forces--or US forces!--are not enough to eliminate these terrorist acts. I think it takes the watchful eyes and disapproval of a whole united nation to limit such attacks.

I give up! I just don't understand why the Iraqis described here blame the US so completely for such things. Are they really a majority? Aren't Iraqis aware of the foreign fighters and al Quada and the threat they pose to Iraq and the world? Why are there never any reports of Iraqis demonstrating and showing anger towards the perpetrators? Is our press missing that? When Americans see such news they have less sympathy for the hard times you are personally enduring and that is a sad outcome. Isn't it possible that a mutual enemy is trying to increase the discord between our people as they are doing in Saudi Arabia? Why don't the people dancing in the streets understand that? Or, are they part of the attacks and helping to create more bad feelings? Oh well, here's the article from today's NY Times:


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