Saturday, June 19, 2004


I just read your two last entries and am very saddened. I did not want my country to go to war with Iraq. I did not want my brother-in-law to risk his life for people that didn’t want us there. Then I started reading the Iraqi blogs (your blog, Zeyad’s blog, Omar’s blog and many others.) I started to realize that there are many intelligent, thoughtful people in Iraq that wish for peace and happiness. Your latest posts no longer reflect this optimism and thoughtfulness. We can not go back and change the past. Coalition forces are in Iraq and trying to stabilize the government and make it secure and peaceful. If they were to leave today, Iraq would spiral into chaos. The Wahabbis are in your country. Your police and security forces are not strong enough to get rid of them. They do not want a democratic Iraq. They want to create an Islamic state (caliphate) where women are not allowed to leave their homes without a male escort; must be covered from head to toe in an abaya; and cannot drive, vote, work, or speak to any man they are not related to. These Wahabbis are in your country kidnapping, mutilating, and beheading foreigners - IN YOUR NAME. They are bombing your young men and women trying to find employment - IN YOUR NAME. Are these really the people you want running your country? Do you want them to continue killing innocent Iraqis?
your friend from America
well thank you my friend for your kind feelings..
we had never see or hear about Wahhabi in Iraq..
but now, in the name of freedom for Iraqi women, USA fighting Wahhabi in Iraq..
who bring them to Iraq?
and did they realy exist in Iraq?
we have our freedom in our Islamic way..
we drive our cars, wearing hijab, and studying, and teaching, and working differnt jobs
so, your government telling you they are doing good here to free Iraqi women from Wahhabi?
we are free since long long years..
and our concept about freedom is not like yours..
it does`t mean to go out with out controll of the family relations..
our freedom is from our culture..and we can do it in the way we think it`s better..
we don`t need America to be the superviser on our life..and teaching us what is the right way of thinking about our life vocabulary..
we can be free , and we love to be free
but in our way...
isn`t that one of our human rights?

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