Thursday, June 17, 2004

Dear Faiza - I'm surprised you didnt ask lucy "who are these american soldiers who strip & beat & humiliate & photograph iraqi prisoners, many of whom are completely innocent civilians? gee, dont they know that will increase the anger of the other iraqi civilians to the point where they may not feel sad when american vehicles are attacked?" that email made me very angry. it's very condescending to you, and falsely "innocent" on lucy's part. i think you are saintly in your dedication to the holiness of all humanity & so are many other iraqis, which i think is obvious from the fact that they have not risen up en masse to throw the US out of their country, which is supposedly "liberated" in case everyone forgot.
peace, inshallah.
jean in san diego
well, yes..
I feel sometimes I`m just a foolish innocent Iraqi..
respecting others , who are never trying to respect us.

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