Friday, May 21, 2004

Thursday, May 20th
Good morning..
Although it's of bad news..
Yesterday, 40 Iraqi civilian were killed in a village called Qa`im, west of Iraq, because of a false gun fire by American helicopter. They were having a wedding party and traditionally shooting in air as a sign of happiness.
Unfortunately, the apache commander thought that they were shooting at him, he bombed the whole village and destructed many houses and killed those civilians.
About the US soldier on trial, he was involved in abusing, humiliating and torturing prisoners of Abo-ghraib prison. It was a great comedy done by those who were in charge. Lots of people had demonstrated asking about the rest of the soldiers involved in that scandal. A one-year in jail statement is nothing for what he has done.
About the assassination of the GC chief, there were different stories incompatible with the US spokesmen. Like the story of al-sharq alawsat news paper (
Eye-witnesses said that the cars were on a nearby check-point when the explosion happened. The man who got killed was peaceful and did not have a bad reputation. If he was one of the members who showed his loyalty to the occupation forces which Iraqis hate, we would say that it had been done by Iraqis themselves.
What about that website on the internet and the newly-created group with false Iraqi names that declared its responsibility for that action…
These are one-week events and it's a sample of our life since occupation, destruction, murders, explosions, and things like that .Nobody cares about our feelings and our humanity.
We say: "the student has gone , the master has come"
We mean by the student Saddam, while US is the master..
And it's much crueler…
Although Bush pretended to show pity of Iraqis in his media..
It's a tragedy, not a comedy in which the people are killed and the country is being destroyed.
Who is going to stop it, putting an end to such misery??
few foreign companies are working in distant isolated sites, US army contracts, as if the occupation forces were saying we would never got out of Iraq.
Iraqi oil has flown via Basra and Turkey (
do you know how many barrels are produced an hour?
In Basra port 83,000 barrels/hour
In khor amia port 20,000 barrel/hour
1.7 million barrel /day
we all wonder about where the financial income of our oil goes to??
The Iraqis wonder when they can rebuild their country after long-term wars, and why they can't do it themselves. Why should foreign companies invest in the establishment of Iraq? Why contracts were signed during the war-time? We feel as if there was someone trading with our country and our lives while we were terrified of bombing, and explosions.
Bush was planning to stay in Iraq as long as possible under the pretext of fighting terrorism.
It's supposed that we are going to have our sovereignty next month; does safety and stability come with a magic wand?
Will destruction be an everlasting cause for Bush administration to keep its control on Iraq under an alleged reason to stop a possible civil war?
But we have to say honestly that all evil had come with the first days of invading Iraq.
We haven't heard but sweet words and promises…
And we haven't seen but ugly actions...
as I was passing by the presidential sites of Saddam which are now taken-over by the US troops, I remember-our prophet's saying :" never dwell in bad people's houses lest you should get the same end as theirs ""
this is a sign of our mighty God that those who have invaded Iraq will , sooner or later, face the same end of Saddam…
Believing that every tyrant has an end….

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