Tuesday, May 25, 2004

I have got this email from a good friend..
she is happy..
she reminds me of our old happy days, with sisters or friends..
laughing and chatting about different things..
now, it`s summer hot days, with bad electricity...
day and night....
friends and sisters are seperated, every one has his own pain
and sadness..
tanks and helecopters moving all the time..
day and night...
bad news from Najef and Kerbala...
what is coming with tomorrow??
our tomorrow is full of fear and worry...

Summer is here and it is very hot already. And humid. But everything
growing is lush and green and blooming. I am getting ready for an annual
ALL GIRL trip. There are six of us who have been friends since we were 11
years old. (Thats 47 years of being friends!)Two of us since we were
four!!! We have spent one week together since we all got married, so we
would never loose track of each other. We see eachother more often,
however, since we all have roots here. 3 of us still live in Shreveport,
one in Mississippi, one in Kansas and one in South Louisiana. This year we
will go to west Texas. We enjoy this time so much. We get to act like kids
again. We laugh alot and watch sweet, romantic movies that our husbands
would NEVER watch! We shop and sometimes eat out and sometimes cook in. We
are renting a cottage on a lake. Its a good time to relax and talk and
drink lots of coffee!
Just wanted to say Hello again! Hope you are well. Write when you have time.
Love and peace,

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