Sunday, May 23, 2004

Good morning..
I have to thank my enemies for sending me new friends :)
well, yes we are all brothers and sisters in God..
He is one God ...


I have never visited your blog before today, I read
other people suggest you were an American-hater, but I
thought I would read anyway to see.

I was reading what you wrote about what is going on in
Boston, and I was nodding my head, thinking, "This
Faiza is a smart woman!" There is also a "war" in the
USA, between people with traditional values and people
who are very liberal and think that "anything goes as
long as it doesn't hurt somebody else." They have
bought the lie that if a "crime" has no victim, it is
not a crime at all. They do not see that they
themselves are the victim, because they destroy
themselves and society too. Ours is a non-violent war,
though... a war of words and votes. I thank God that
the USA has not become as secular as some European
countries, who seem (as the New Testament says) to
have "given themselves up to vile passions." Many of
them don't go to church or even think about God.

Here is what I think is strange. The opinions of my
liberal friends are: "Homosexuality is okay. Same sex
marriage is good. Stop telling me about right and
wrong. George W. Bush is evil. He is religious, he's
so stupid. Good Iraqi citizens want us to leave Iraq.
We should leave right now and let the UN handle Iraq!"
And the conservative American's opinion is the
opposite on all of these issues.

So Americans against traditional morality are mostly
against the US "helping" Iraq, because they think
we're doing more harm than good. And those that are
for traditional morality mostly want the US to stay in
Iraq awhile longer, thinking that is better for Iraq.
I find that so strange, and wonder what it means. Both
sides want what is best for Iraq. One thing that keeps
me from siding with the liberals on the Iraq issue is
that I wonder what is guiding them, because their
values are so different from mine, and I know they are
not asking God for guidance.

Another thing I find disturbing is that terrorists
will say the USA is evil, and will point to same-sex
marriage as proof. And then also, faithful, peaceful
Muslims will look at same-sex marriage and think the
same thing! That breaks my heart. I do not care what
the terrorists think of the USA, their good opinion is
worthless to me. But I do care very much what other
Muslims think.

Please know this - the USA is not immoral because some
of our citizens are. For example, when people of faith
stand together, I see that our common belief in God is
more important than our nationality. I have more in
common with you, Faiza, than I do with an atheist

I wish there were a way that people who love God would
unite. If we put God first, and our nationality
second, maybe we would see each other as brothers and
sisters. God is our only hope.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I have two sons
myself and if I was not sure that the future of this
world was in God's hands I would be a nervous wreck.


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