Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Good morning..
this is new email from a new friend..
I get many emails like this one ,daily..
it makes me feel happy..
and gives me the hope that every thing is going to be better
if we all loved peace and helped each other to get it, someday....

To you and your family. I apologise for not writing in your language but
like most English speakers I know no other.
My heart goes out to you and all Iraquis who are caught in a horrifying
hellish situation not of their making.
I want to say that the people of Iraq are in the thoughts of all
reasonable people around the world. Most people in the world are
reasonable so that although I am sure that for Iraquis their situation
appears isolated and terrifying; they need to know that there are many,
many people around the world that DO care and who want to see this horror
end now.
Winter is beginning here in New Zealand and this morning was the first
time we had to heat the house while the children got up and got ready for
school. Brrrrh! But although it is cold it is a beautiful morning with
the sun shining brightly and everybody smiles as they greet each other in
the streets.
We have just moved to this smallish town after nearly 10 years in a NZ's
biggest city and we are a little worried that it will be colder than we are
used to down here but the people are so much friendlier and the winters are
much drier than further North so I am looking forward to this winter as a
new experience.
I would like to thank you for your interesting and insightful web-log that
helps us all see that Iraquis are the same humans as everywhere else no
matter what politicians and other greed heads try and tell them. The more
that people around the world talk and understand each other the harder it
will be for those people to get us to fight each other. The 'leaders' that
start wars are always far more like each other than they are like the
people they get to kill each other. Bush and Saddam see the world in the
same ugly way, and although it would be truly awful to hold that perverse
world view we cant let ourselves feel sorry for them, the best we can do is
try and make sure that we don't encourage that attitude in those around us
particularly our children.
I hope that today is a good day for you and your family too.

Kind Regards to you all,

Phil Sinclair

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