Monday, May 03, 2004

Good morning.
It's a little cloudy this morning. I hear explosions since the morning, but I don't know where they are happening. I expect them to increase after the publishing of the pictures of the Iraqi prisoners.
Americans apologize; they say those are nothing but a small bad minority.
Iraqis are angry and they wonder: why didn't you believe us when we said that the people who committed the mutilation in Falluja are a small bad minority. You filled your media with poisonous comments and you said: "that's just how Iraqis are" and then you got a green light from your people to attack Falluja and kill hundreds of men, women and children.
You wrecked down houses, markets, schools and mosques. You spread devastation and tyranny and you still do that?. Why???
Who planted the culture of hatred and not believing the other but you???
Who planted the culture of revenge, murder and destruction but you???
Now you want the Iraqi to smile and comprehend your decency and kindness???
How can he comprehend after you tarnished his image???
You are the ones who said that Iraqis use their own women and children as human shields, to explain why there were many casualties among women and children.
All the lies you planted you will reap. All the spite you spread will blow up in your face.
I always say that the magic turns up against the magician.
This is exactly what happened.

Your casualties are human beings who have names, memories, families and friends.
Our casualties have no names, no faces and no memories.
That's the poison you publish day and night.
We have kids who were murdered so young in their age of roses.
We have kids who are the victims of cluster bombs [we will publish photos about them on the site].
We have kids who became orphans after losing both their parents.
We have women who lost their partners and became widows and their children became orphans.
We have houses that house non-stop crying and prayers against Saddam and Bush and this damn war they have nothing to do with.
We have people who were subject of injustice and humiliation and their houses were raided.
But the media pictures the American as the only human out there and the rest are barbarians. Didn't you call us that after the Falluja incident?
Now God in the highest is smiling and asking: Who are the barbarians now??
A verse in the Holy Quran orders us: " O you who believe! Let not (one) people laugh at (another) people perchance they may be better than they, nor let women (laugh) at (other) women, perchance they may be better than they"
The holy books were revealed to educate people and to bring them closer together, not to enforce arrogance and injustice.


When I used to live in Amman my boys were young, and I needed someone to help me raising them. I hired a Sri-Lankan maid like most people there do.
When she arrived my boys gathered around her. She sat in her room having lunch. The boys were spying on her and say in childish amazement: mama, she is eating. Mama, she doesn't know how to use the spoon.
I laughed and said: yes, she is poor and from a poor country. She has a family and children and had to leave them to come and serve you because she wants to send them her salary so they could live a good life like all other people.
I cried all night in the first days after her arrival. I felt guilty. My boys have 2 mothers now while her kids have no mother now. How will they sleep? How will they spend their nights? Crying and missing her?
My neighbor laughed at me and said: don't worry about that?.They are poor,
they are not like us. Not like our families or children.
I wished I could punch her in the face and shut her up.
Is this arrogance and despising other people a culture Man acquired or is it a hereditary thing?
I think it's the latter. But the poisonous and stupid media make people know each other less and less. It separates them instead of bringing them together. It builds barriers instead of bridges. Why???
That's because the people controlling it are evil; benefiting from spreading spite and wars declaration. I wish I can watch a channel, a magazine or a popular newspaper speaking the language of love, spreading peace and telling us good news.
Where is it???
Who would supervise it?
And who would care for listening to it?
Man is almost dying with hatred?.. This is the age of hatred, contempt, xenophobia, enjoying revenge, tarnishing images, Destruction and squashing the other.

Man built his modern and ancient civilizations by love and peace.
Wars left nothing but devastation, death, losses for the whole humanity.
Wars weren't waged by dignified men for the goodwill of humanity.
No.This is a truth that can't be refuted.
Who is more unjust than the one who killed and shed blood?
And they think what they are doing is good.
The Quran describes them in a verse:" And when it is said to them, Do not make mischief in the land, they say: We are but peace-makers. Now surely they themselves are the mischief makers, but they do not perceive."

When will wars stop?
When the criminals can't find more people to listen to them, believe in what they say, supply them with money and men. Men are the fuel that the mill needs to keep on working.
When those evil people can't find more people to believe in what they say, to cheer them, be proud of what they do with their black dirty hearts full of contempt.
Let them all go to hell.
I pray that God saves the innocent souls that have nothing to do with this.
And let peace be on earth.

[Translated by: Mohammad, Egypt.]

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