Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Tuesday 13/4

I went this morning to work. I know that airport road is very dangerous.
Everyday there's bombings targeting either trucks carrying supplies heading
to the airport for the army or coalition vehicles.
It looks sad and scary just like when the coalition forces entered Baghdad
last year.
Pavements are destroyed by the tanks and trees are either cut or burnt,

Fences on the sides are cut and thrown on the ground, and there's remains of
burnt trucks.
Airport road is once again death road.
Today I was driving my car to work and a convoy of American military
vehicles passed to my left. We remained cautious and slowed down becuase we
were afraid to come near them. I always pray that they return safely
home because I'm a mother and I think with a mother's heart not with a man's
cruel fighting heart.
They have another way in dealing with life and its problems.

I was thinking what would happen if they got attacked right now? where will
it be from? it's a sunny day.
Just as I was thinking I saw in front of me a a cloud of smoke first then a
sound of explosion that remained i my ear for over an hour. The birds were
frightened and flew away.
Tanks standing below the bridge moved to help the convoy.
I didn't really understand where did the atttack come from?
All cars stopped and we were in a traffic jam.everybody decided to turn
around and move in the opposite direction.The highway became a mess of small
cars, big tucks and oil tanks.
we went into crowded side roads and I didn't know where I was anymore.
I stopped every now and then to ask people walking by how to return to my
area. and they would explain and point out the direction Till I reached my
work place.
I felt like I just got out of a catastrophe.
I could have been close to them and my car would have exploded.
this is our daily vocabulary.
In mornings and evenings we always have death with us.
We Love life and want to live it in peace. But who would give us peace?
The same person who started the war and sent the armies?
I wish I could believe this bad joke.

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