Monday, April 19, 2004

Today...I feel tired
I didn`t write a new blog...but I have a new friend by internet
she is jewish :)
I want you to read her email
and about my translation I don`t actually do it my self . It is done by
Raed or Khalid sometimes...or volunteers like Mohammad or Diaa (female)
my thanks for all....

Dear Faiza,

I have been reading your blog for a long while now. You are a great writer. How did you learn to
write so beautifully in English? I wish to ask you to write a book of your thoughts about this
war and send it to publisher's in the US, so that people can understand better what is happening
there and how Iraqi's feel about it.

I also wanted you to know that I am Jewish, because I don't want anyone to think that all of us
Jewish people are killers or filled with hate. I love my people. I love the same God that you
love. I love my children and my country and my history. I am afraid for my people. I am afraid that
the Hamas will kill them all and never let them live there even after so many generations of Jews
have lived there. I don't know what to do about it. I don't have any answers. I just want peace
and forgiveness.

I also want to know if it is ok if I pray for you. I ask you this because here in the US many of
the Christians want the Jewish people to convert to Christianity and they "pray" for us and I
don't think that is right. I only would pray for someones safety or health, I would never pray for
them to believe what I believe and I would not want to pray for someone if they thought that it was
offensive. I hope you can understand that, but I guess if you haven't had people trying to
convert you to their religion for as long as I have you might not understand this:).

Faiza I think you should be the president of Iraq. You would be my first choice. You have all of
the qualities that a good leader needs. I wish I could make you the leader. I am so tired of men
running the world. They have done a very bad job of it. I think women could do it a lot better.
We would form friendships and peace and not have all of this violence and war.

I am very torn apart about this war. Our president lied to us and many people believed him. I do
believe that Sadaam Hussein was very bad for torturing people. I am glad that he is gone but now
I do not know what to think about Iraq. I read the Iraqi blogs and everyone has a different view
and that is good. But I worry so much that if we left your voice would be silenced. What if the
really strict religious people came to power? I would not want you to have to live like that.
The radicals of any religion (including mine), treat women bad. How could I ever forgive myself if
I go out and protest the war, and my country leaves Iraq in chaos, and something awful happens to
you? I truly do not know what to do.

I wish you could come here to the US and speak to us about what we should do. I don't want you to
be there in harms way. I never thought a person could care about another person as much as I care
about you just by reading their blog, but I do care. I have many womens rights friends. I would
like to know what you would like for us to do? Can we help in any way? I am just so torn Faiza.
I have two sons, age 11 and 14, and I have read them your letters. I want them to know that you
are kind and wonderful people. I never want them to do the things that the soldiers are doing in

The answers are so hard for me to see right now. I want to make sure you are safe and that you
can always write to us, and I don't want your people to grow up to hate the US or even to hate
Israeli people. I am so sick of violence and war. I just don't know what to do. It is impossible to
sort out all of these feelings. I want our people to be friends and work together and visit one
another. It seems like we are making a mess of the whole country, and yet I would come there and
fight for you myself if I thought that someone would keep you from freedom again. I think many
Americans feel the same way I do. We just don't know what to do.

You are a remarkable women and I will try to do what you think is the right thing for Iraq. Just
let me know ok?


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