Thursday, April 22, 2004 God..
This is my new friend today :))

Hi, my name is McKenzie and I know this probably sounds to young but I am 10
years old. I am from Berea, Ohio which is in Cleaveland. I would like to
know more about Iraqis. I think that you are great people and am so happy
that Saddam is gone. I think that it must be fun to live in Iraq! Also, I
know it must be scary to have fighting going around right were you live. I
am sorry that you used to live in fear and I hope that you do not again to.
I think that none of the Iraqi's should live in fear. I got your site from
an article in the newspaper called: Iraqis enjoy new freedom on Web
Journals. I would like to talk to you so if you could please e-mail me back
that would be great!

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