Saturday, April 17, 2004

Good Morning. I received many letters via e-mail from all over the world, from Canada, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong and Europe, and many from the United States. Because there are common issues between us and them, these days. I thank everybody and I ask for your forgiveness, because I don’t have enough time to respond to everybody - even those writing letters filled with poison. I have learned to smile after reading them, and hope that their eyes will be open, that day when they wake up from their sleep, to see the clear light.

Bush led a war on Iraq in the name of God. He said that God sent him to undertake this war against Saddam and his oppression, and that he will give freedom to the Iraqis. Exactly like Saddam, when he announced a war on Kuwait, and placed God’s name on the Iraqi flag. God is innocent of what they do. And there are millions of ignorant, tricked idiots, running to clap and whistle. Doesn’t it appear to be a sight to make you laugh, and make you sad, at the same time? When will the ignorant wake up and not repeat mistakes already made by others?


Bush holds on to Iraq because it’s the straw that will save America’s destroyed economy. And it will pay for all the money and boys lost. To win the second largest oil fields in the world, and use it to pay off massive losses. And if he retreats and loses, how will he pay off the debts? That’s a disaster for him. He won’t withdraw, this is a question of life or death for the American administration, and its dinosaurs filled with greed, who own companies about to go bust. Who will save them, except Iraq?


And American boys volunteer, because of the tempting pay, and because their families have low incomes. And no sons from rich families are volunteering, from the Administration, or from Bush’s relatives. As Michael Moore says on his website on the internet. The children of poverty, they are the firewood of wars, always.

Those who are 18, 19. Those, who we say, are in the age of Roses. Like the age of my son, Majid. I look at him, and I see in him my happiness, and my dreams, that he’ll be a mature man - educated, to benefit people with his knowledge and his good nature. I see him as a child, even until now. He likes listenning to songs,music, and loves to work on computers for long hours, and find out new secrets. He loves to talk to his friends on about the news and the war, and feels pain, laughs, worries, thinks, and searches for explanations of why adults have wars and destruction.

In his age, there must be peace and quiet and trips to restaurants with friends for dinner together, to look at pretty girls and to make innocent comments. From his friends, he must come and tell me, and so we can laugh at them and at their innocence, and say - what do they know of life? Little birds with weak wings. That’s how I see him and his generation. And I wish for them a beautiful future without wars and without torture


Like my son, that one who goes to war to defend Bush and his greed. This is a disaster that rips my heart. And the biggest disaster is for me to be convinced, to encourage my son, for then I have participated in his death, without knowing. A parrot, I would be, unaware, thinking that this is dedication to my country. No, that is not patriotism. This is destruction and hatred against other innocent people, who die every day to defend their country against occupiers. And is the occupier more sincere in his love for iraq than it's sons ? – Even if the Occupier placed a long list of romantic stories of his humanity, and his love of good. But he is an evil person, who lies and deceives, and his victims are always ignorant.

And they are many. ...

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