Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Dear Faiza,

Your comments about how things are in Iraq touch me very deeply. We
Americans hear very little of what real conditions are in Iraq and the
Middle East in general.

Many people outside of the U.S. do not know it, but the majority of the
media here is not much more than an outlet for "official" propaganda,
so we hear little of real events happening in elsewhere. If news
agencies ask the wrong questions or print the wrong slant on the story,
they will no longer be invited to the press conferences. There really
is no true “free speech” in America.

I'm not sure what the U.S. wants to do with Iraq (besides subjugate the
people and steal their oil), for we are clearly not a democratic
nation, as much of the world already knows. Mr. Bush's election
(fraudulent) proved that. The second observation would be that
democratic nations do not overthrow other nations. This is an
impossibility if they had a true heart for democracy.

I feel very sad that the U.S. Government must continually thrust
themselves into the affairs of foreign peoples. It saddens me greatly
the American thinks it has the right to dethrone or set in place the
one that should run a foreign government. It saddens me greatly that
thousands must be killed so that the American God can rule the world.

As an American citizen I must confess that most American's are not
really following the commandments of God. If they were following God,
they would love the Iraqi people (their neighbors), and not shoot and
bomb them. I have to say, that they really do not follow Jesus either.
Jesus said to "love your enemies", and "turn the other cheek". It is
obvious that this is not being done. No, they do not follow God or

My observation is that most Americans only think of themselves. They
think about where their oil is going to come from and about
profiteering and merchandising other nations. They do not care how it
affects the other peoples of the world, but only how it affects them.

I want to apologize for what is happening to your people in the name of
God. I want to apologize for the killings, the suffering and oppression
that the Iraqis are enduring. These actions are not coming from the
heart of God. As one who lives in America, I have altered my lifestyle
so that I no longer support and pay for the atrocities that America
does in the name of freedom/democracy, and in the name of God.

There are some, who do have a true love for the Iraqi people.


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