Friday, March 12, 2004

Tuesday 2/3

Today is ashoura holiday. We decided to stay indoors, the kids stayed in bed till late. I cooked ashoura day food, like I do every year. I divided the food into small pots so that I could give it away. My sister called me this morning to tell me that there were explosions , did you hear? This ruined my mood and made my heart sad. For some time now, I try not to answer the phone, I am afraid of hearing bad news like this. But there is no escaping reality, the news will get to me, one way or the other. I stayed worried all day long, thinking about all the people that I know that usually go visits the shrines and mosques in Baghdad and Karbala on this day. In the evening I found many worried emails, they all ask about us and express sorrow over the events. The all criticize the stupid people that are behind these acts. I have no idea who is behind this. The horizons are foggy. That is all I said to myself, I don’t accuse anybody. I spent the evening calling friends and acquaintances to ask about the. I also spend a fair bit of time answering my email, so that they wouldn’t worry. It was a bloody and sad day.


Mr. Bremer said in the evening that the coalition forces will enforce tight inspections at the borders. I said thank you. Finally they remembered that the borders are a week spot that is used by suspect types. But the coalition forces have their own priorities, first to protect themselves and secure conditions for themselves. At the end of the list comes the Iraqi nation. This is how we lived with Saddam, this is how we are today. Who cares???

Members of the governing council are complaining that the coalition forces are controlling security, economy and the media. We the people smile and ask, so what is left for the governing counsil? Security… that is the first priority for Iraqis, then the economy, let the media go to hell. We want the coalition forces to provide these two so that it could be the start of trust between them and the Iraqis. When will this become the first priority??? We are waiting

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