Monday, March 08, 2004

hi all...
i`ve received lots of letters this week....join me reading two of them :)
this is the first one:

Hello, Fayza.
I am an American mother and I enjoy reading your diary very much. My youngest son, who is 18 years old, just returned from Iraq. He is a soldier. He was impressed with the Iraqi people he had the privelege to meet and work with. He was especially impressed with the strong family bonds among the Iraqi people. He made many Iraqi friends and he will remember them for his life. I was very afraid and frightened when he told me he must go to Iraq. I was very ignorant then of Muslim beliefs and traditions but I have learned much since he was living over there. I even read parts of the Quran to become more familiar with the culture and beliefs. I have five other children ages: 10, 11, 14, 20 and 22. I cannot imagine the fears and the terrors your children have had to witness. I know as a mother I would do all I could to protect my children. God willing the terror and fear will soon give way to peace and calm in your country. Islam is a religion of peace just as our Christian religion, in its purest form, is one of peace. Sadly, people distort the religion to satisfy their selfish whims.
I am also a working mother. I am a researcher for an international company and I know it is very difficult to work and be a wife and mother at home. "A woman's work is never done" is a humorous saying in our country and it is true. We must work outside our home and hurry back home, after work, to cook and clean and care for our families. Sometimes it is very exhausting but we must do the best we can to care for our families and teach them the proper manners and the peaceful way to live. When my son was in Iraq it was very difficult on some days to concentrate on my work but my family gave me comfort and peace and I trusted God to care for my soldier son. There are times when I think it would be better for mothers to control the government and then there might be peace and harmony.
I apologize for the length of my letter but I truly want you to know you have many "sisters" in America who cry with you and pray for your families that you may know peace and security soon. A mother's heart is the same around the world--we weep for our children and for their future.
God's blessings on you and your family,
this is the second one...

Dear Um Raed,
On the horrific massacres in Karbala and Baghdad: we are now seeing the worst consequences of the illegal and immoral war led by the US and the UK in Iraq.
These events are part of a big plot aimed at starting a civil war in Iraq in order to partition it into small states "DIVIDE AND RULE". The colonialists/imperialists (USA, UK and Israel) have organized this plot to balkanize Iraq in order to weaken it and keep control over it for decades to come.
Fortunately, from what we hear and read the Iraqis are aware of that and they are not going to allow such an evil plot to succeed. It is reassuring to see that Shias and Sunnis are sticking together.
I lived in Baghdad (Hay El-Khadrah) in the 1970's and I know how tolerant and respectful Iraqis are towards other religions, the constant references to either Shias or Sunnis, or Christians are created by the occupiers to divide the Iraqi people.
It is vital that the Turkmens and Arabs unite in the North to keep KERKUK Iraqi and not to allow it to fall into the hands of the traitor Talabani.
I read in the Turkish press and heard from our relatives who live in Kerkuk that the Kurds are now selling big plots of land to Israelis in the Kurdish controlled areas!
I also read that the US have brought in hundreds of white South African mercenaries and that the MOSSAD, CIA and MI5 agents are now very active inside Iraq. It is to be hoped that the Iraqi patriots will succeed in eliminating these vermins.

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