Saturday, March 20, 2004

Good morning...
this is faiza from baghdad..
today is the anniversary of the war agaist iraq.
i have nothing to say more than every day blogs..but im going to put my real diaries during the war since 18/3/003 , when raed finishes the translation of my last blog 12/3 for this month..
in this morning, in my way to open our showroom , i noticed there was no more soldiers in the streets, no humvies, no traces for american troops..
that made me smile...they looked as they had been suddenly disappeared:)
i think...thats better for them and us...
if they are going to stay inside the military camps,,it will be better and safer
for them and us..and if they act like a forgotten soldiers, we could appreciate
that....i hope this year everything will be better than the last hard one...
specially the security of iraqi people ,and economy is going to be better to give us a good chance to rehabilitate our country and our life,,the way we believe in...

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