Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Wednesday 14/1/2004

I hesitated lots before publishing the post of Saturday 10/1. To be honest, I wrote it while Iwas sad and angry about what is going on. The media outlets are responsible somehow. People abroad don’t know the truth about our daily lives. When I tried to publish it on the website I faced technical problems. I wavered and delayed publication till next morning. I couldn’t sleep that night. I
was struck by a panic attack. I was afraid of the responses I would get. Are they going to be cruel? Each time I heard a helicopter passing by our house, I would imagine that they were dropping a rocket on us. Ha ha ha ha!! This is the house of those evil people that write the truth. Lets bomb them! I prayed to God that if I was right that he would support me and help me out. I didn’t mean to offend anybody, but I don’t like to stay silent when I face an unfair situation. In the morning I stayed worried but then I found the courage to post it on the website, then came the translation from ihath and I posted that as well. That evening I got 29 emails. One of them was ridiculing me but the rest were supportive, thanking me and apologetic about what we are going through. I spent most of the evening sending thank you emails. I am now more convinced that the world has become a small village and there is a cmmon language for discussion among people of all nationalities. All the people from all around the world love peace and want safety for their children, family and friends. Then there are these small wishes that we have. That we would dress well, eat well and live life with dignity. We have hobbies and interests, we have friends that we love and we enjoy nature. We live in a quiet way. We all agree on that. Then what is the point of wars? What is the point
of losing the people that we love? What do we benefit from ruining our lives and the lives of others? Many of the people that sent me emails are mothers and fathers that want this silly war to end. They want their children to come home to them as soon as possible. I say we here too want this war to end and our sons and daughters to return to the homeland. But the question is: Who decides? Who is planning our future and your future? The people here and there want peace and calm. But there is a small group here and there that has other interests. We the majority become the victims of the dreams of this minority. A minority that never gets enough deals, investments, profits. Here
and there, it is all the same. The people pay the price with their blood and their offspring’s blood. The only thing that increases is the pain, sadness and ruin. The media is relentless in lying, justifying. and disfiguring reality. The young of age and experience are the victims of this. They become the suitable fuel for these wars. It is easy to attract and deceive the young with slogans
about country, distant dreams. It is easy to incite them against an enemy, convince them that life can’t go on without eliminating this enemy. There will be no justice or truth on earth. There are always thousands of listening ears to such propaganda, add some financials incentives and very quickly you have filling graveyards of young people in both countries.
Is what Saddam did to us all that different to what other leaders do to their people? The same strategy, same way of thinking. Who is paying attention? At what loss will these leaders stop to commit foolishness? Does it help to simply change the people at the top? Is there a limited number of men that are playing games with the destiny of nations around the world? Are these leaders just employees of these men….....until a further notice.

[translation by www.ihath.com]

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