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Tuesday Dec 30, 2003
In the morning Raed traveled with Salam to Amman Jordan to spend the new year. I don't blame them, things here are boring; bombings, road blocks, electricity black outs, long line ups at the gas stations and people are depressed and gloomy. Good news though, the end of 2003. the year of the war, destruction and ruin and the year of the end of the Saddam regime after 35 year. Who would have believed that? It is a miserable end to him and a miserable end to us. We are still living in the atmosphere of war and its sad outcomes. We haven't seen any happy outcomes till now. Here, another close bombing that has just shock the house windows! We no longer ask each other "what happened?", we just ask "did you hear the explosion?".
The electricity was on for 2 hours then it went off for 4, I consider this to be a beautiful thing, it is better than no electricity at all. Today something great happened that made me happy, the phone lines are working!!!! (We are going back to point zero, back to pre war conditions, oh what happiness) The phone switch was bombed (Al Ma'amoon switch) at the beginning of the war and now a new building was set to house the phone switch in a near by area and a new building. We can call people on the same phone switch, later on when they connect with other phone switches we will be able to call other areas.

I am telling you, it is 5 in the evening the electricity hasn't come back. Our electricity generator has been working since 12 in the afternoon, even the 4/2 system is not working.
Oh joy!

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