Thursday, January 15, 2004

hey all!
as i said still sinking in my books and doing my exams...wish me luck/lots of prayers:)
its raining in baghdad now..rain is a butiful gives me hope...and make me think that its maybe cleaning part of the evil in this world, not only the streets.
explosions..are a part of our daily could be the only place in the world that people dont cut their conversation when something explodes is something that we learned how to deal with.
explosions are such a horrible actually means that someone lost a head, a leg or a hand,,or someone lost his shop which is the only way to suport his family..or even means that someone lost his whole house.
bob...just like that..few seconds..changes the lifes of those around for ever.
thanks to the liberation forces..we had enough explosions to remember for the rest of our lifes.
explosions arent some computer generated fire with special sound effect that Mr. muscles cause while he is saving the world every couple pf days..and after that goes somewhere and runs for the not saying any names,,but am going now...and i'll be back.
am back!
i said earlier that most of the mail i get is from the states..nice people mostly and am happy with that..few others from canada australia, brazil aurguai..far east...and couple of guys from UK too (see amanda?)
what am trying to that i would be grateful for people from the rest of the world if they could share their openions with us..i know that there is always something that we all can teach each other.
i wana make a small coment here: about this 3 mercedes its not a lie....i wana say something else about it:
i really cant figure out why some people are offended with that?
let me tell you something: my family,, icludes three engineers..and in one year am gonna be the fourht inshalla..
my father and my mothr are civil engineers..raed, my brother, is an architect, which is classified as engineering in the liddle east..its a part of the engineering college..and i study enviromental engineering..the last member of the in his last year of hi school..i dunno what will he study..but he is a real geek and probably will attend a med. school somewhere:)
my family worked hard for father is a little bit over 50 and my mother is a little bit younger..they travelled in many countries to work..they lived in many countries..they sufferede alot to have what they have..and they still do.
so i really cant see why some people are not happy for us for that?!
we werent baathists..we didnt make any easy money..we didnt make use of the poor people..and we didnt make any mass graves if your asking.
before the war..this was a real city, baghdad..a city where there is fancy people..nice cars..there are may nice-really-expensice restaurents..just like any city in the world..there are por people..and there are rich people..isnt that the way in your city sir?
now people who have good cars dont use it..its too can get killed for that these days.
so...i dont know what to say..should i apologize to everyone cause we have what we have?
another thing:
one of my mail-friends..from the states ..who i was talking to him about the next government in iraq..said" should we 'the americans' be concerned about what ind of rights would the goverment give to the minorities?"
i was thinking " why the hell should we 'as iraqis' care about someones' openion 10,000 km away..about what kind of goverment we have..isnt that fun..the americns think that its their right to make a kind of goverment 'here' that satisfyes 'their' standards..isnt that just funny? why are you guys supposed to have a say in this?
why did the american army came here? -to 'liberate' you ..that would be the answer.
who asked them to? did.
did i?did we? did anyone ask you bro? did anyone ask you mom? did anyone ask you tiger (my fat cat) ? -no,no,no,no
so..let me get this straight..they werent happy about the goverment here,,and they came 'here' to change it and make a new one that 'they' must like?
god..i need many years of watching CNN and BBC to understand that.
let me tell you this fact: do you believe that its been almost a yeaaaaaaaar since the war happened? and we still havent seen any sign of building the new promised land...i mean the new iraq...and we still didnt get half the life that we used to have..from all aspects...well you can shout in the street now i hate saddam..but thats cant do anything,,we dont have a goverment (will we ever have?) we dont have electricity..we dont have security and we dont have gas..and we have a destroyed infra structure and hundreds of buildings...oh..i forgot to mention the american army in the streets and sky of baghdad (dont they look cute in these uniforms?).
this far,,this is the new iraq.

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