Saturday, December 20, 2003

where am I from?

i have this problem all the time .. where r u from?

and i start like .. mmmm .. well ..

and .. "THE story"

me: i was born in baghdad .. but i left it when i was 40 days old .. :")

pushy fat girly: so .. you are Iraqi .. cool

me: noo! I'm not! :") my mother is .. well .. my father is palistinan :")

meat ball: SO! you are palisinian? :O?

me: noo! I'm not :") i mean .. i've never been there .. but i have a jordanian passport :")
i spent my childhood in lebanon and saudi arabia and .. whatever ..

ugly face: oh! so where r u from?


well ..

dont you feel better now wafa?
wafa is a friend of mine, living in london, and having a similar problem of .. mmmm .. . aaaaa .. I spent my childhood in nowhere ..


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