Tuesday, December 09, 2003

So, I said good-bye to my beloved mother, and set-off to Jordan with Raed ... Of course after 2 hours delay until we could get some gasoline enough for the trip...And the two patriotic brothers spent the way fighting on national issues, such as fighting whether we listen to Metallica or Dido on our trip/// anyways, we reached the Iraqi borders, and I read the sign that says 'the Great Free Iraq says good-bye to you' while the US soldier who's the only official employee standing on the Iraqi borders was trying to tell me good-bye in Iraqi 'language' , with a stupid accent that is not even similar to the one that Iraqis usually say..
so, we are off from Iraq, entering Jordan ... Spending 5 hours and a half waiting our paper work to get done... And finally reaching the Airport by the time of my flight to Geneva crossing Paris.... But, thing shouldn't work fine cuz I live in Iraq and that's an obvious crime that no one can deny. I couldn't get to the plane due to the new "rules"... That all passengers coming from Iraq must have a transit Visa from the French embassy 1st ... Not forgetting that the French embassy in Baghdad refused to give me the Visa...
next morning, I went to the French embassy in Jordan to get a transit Visa... And since I have a Jordanian passport, I thought that it would be a piece-o-cake!, but... Again, that is something against our manners, I have to take all punishments for living in Iraq, so they told me that I can get the transit Visa in 12 days if I filled the documents in the same day ... [the Swiss Visa took me 4 days to get it]..
so, I cancelled the flight... And started looking for alternatives ... All of them had the same result, I had to get a Visa,
eventually, I booked on the Turkish airlines that didn't recommend a transit Visa, and dead sure that they forgot that I live in Iraq so they allowed me to travel..
and now, I'm sitting in my room in Geneva writing this thing [what am I writing exactly ?]... And feeling nothing but pathetic on my and all other 'criminals' ... Who dare to say that they live in Iraq... Bastards.
Jo van-der-Spek, my news trainer here, is now telling me that tomorrow people are going to demonstrate in Basel tomorrow against Bush's policy in Iraq... These damned terrorists here have nothing to do but helping criminals there to be more brutal.
is it just me or is it the people of the world that need to be sentenced for their crimes?

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